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Your first download will involve a few steps i.e. entering your details, but subsequent downloads will only require one or two clicks! You may want to put this page in your favourites now, so you can easily return to this screen when you want to find another MP3.

This search service links to tracks at Amazon, so you know you can fully trust this website for all your music downloads. Songs and albums are legally yours after downloading, and are totally DRM-free (stands for Digital Rights Management). That means that there is no built-in copy protection within your track, unlike music from most other popular MP3 download services. This allows you to copy your new music to any device that you choose... forever! Careful with other download sites, because DRM means that once the PC or other device that holds your songs or albums gets out of date and/or breaks down, your music collection is lost along with it! Even if you copy the tracks to another device, they won't play. That WILL NOT happen to you if you use this service!

Now, have fun building your own DRM-free, high quality, and totally legal music collection!

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