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Forum topic/blog entry started by hnter04 on 3/29/2007 1:47:35 (server time).
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farmtrac tractors

I am looking to buy a farmtrac tractor and I wanted some input from someone who owns one.  Are they pretty good tractors and worth buying.  thanks for your help.
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3/9/2008 4:53:40
The Mitsubishi engine in my 300DTC is said to have a good reputation.  Mine tractor now has only 110 or so hours on it, but I have had persistent electrical problems that the dealer's mechanics have not been able to cure, despite two expensive service calls in the country and a lot of money spent.  (I think I am below average in mechanical ability, but now think that the dealer's mechanics are, too.)

When a visitor saw all the shiny new parts under the hood and learned that the original problem is still there in spite of the parts the mechanics replaced, he volunteered the opinion that these aren't mechanics but parts-replacers instead.

The problem is that the engine will run (right now, it is for a maximum of 70 seconds) and then there is the click of a solenoid shutting it down, and it dies.  If I try to re-start it right away, it will almost start, but then there is that solenoid click, and it shuts down right away.  If I wait a while, it will re-start, and run another minute before shutting down, with the solenoid or relay clicking once just before the shut-down.  

It might be possible to wire around the solenoid if it were clear which wires went where. I bought the shop manual, which is expensive and pathetic.  It gives crude black-and-white line drawings with wiring diagrams (no photos), but neglects to color-code the wires coming out of each part on the diagram.  The real wires under the hood are color-coded, and nearly impossible to follow to their source to find out their function.  

The dealer is worse than no help.  I spoke with a mechanic there today, and I mentioned the shop manual.  He looked and said he didn't have a shop manual for this tractor, but that if I called back Monday he would call the distributor and find out if they could answer my question about which wires out of a particular solenoid went where.  I can (and will) call the distributor myself, but will be pleasantly surprised if I get a useful answer.  

So, a tractor is no more useful than the support the dealer can provide.  What kind of dealer would sell a tractor and not even buy the shop manual to service it when a problem develops?  My dealer may not be representative, but so far I don't feel good about buying this tractor.  I don't feel good about the importer or whoever produced such a pathetic shop manual, either.

This is the only tractor I have ever owned.  Maybe the competitive brands are no better (I don't know), but this is my experience with a Farm-Trac so far.

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

4/25/2008 3:27:13
I  have had a 2700DTC for two years now and have had very little problems with it. When I first bought the headlights kept going out but I traced it to a bad ground and have not had a problem the last year with it.  My dealer is great.  I live about 90 miles from him but he would go out of his way to deliver routine maintenance parts for me.  I agree the manual was somewhat sorry, but I got 0% financing on the tractor and I can't complain about that.
Williamsburg, MI

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

8/7/2008 9:16:33
I would watch the support you receive after the sale. The Corporation so I am told is in financial trouble

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

8/11/2008 5:28:09
I had 34 hrs. when the front outside wheel bearing went out  then while traveling the front wheels would shake terrible all the linkage was loose i keep seeing oil leaks every where i had to titen every bolt i seen the only thing holding them was the paint  then the head gaskett you could see where the factory had set the head down on the gaskett before stabbing it un the motor  which caused the leak from cylender to water jackett building up pressure in radiator about every 15 minutes antifreze would blow out of the over flow and then the power lift would still pick up but i had to hold the lever  when you let go of it ,,,, it would fall and fast  it just flops around  all the time with calling the dealer and farm trac co.  NO HELP   did all the work myself and parts out of my pocket  i had to stand on the wrench  to loosen the other wheel bearing before it burnt up      220 hrs.   and scared to use it trying to sell for half of price  but no luck yet  please stay away from these tractors

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

9/12/2008 9:32:59
I don"t know where you guys bought your farmtrac,but as a dealer in SC I can honstly say most of the Farmtrac dealers go out of their way to satisfy our customers.We have been struggling to do warrenty work and eating the parts and labor ourselves,just in order to keep our customers happy since Farmtrac went into receivership in jan.Thanks

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

9/12/2008 9:33:29
I don"t know where you guys bought your farmtrac,but believe me when I say that most of us Farmtrac dealers go out of our way to please our customers.Since Farmtrac has had troubles we have traded parts,done warranty work,and provided labor all at our own exspense.With no help from farmtrac.This was done because we value our customers.As a farmtrac dealer in SC,Our customer is #1.Thanks David

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

10/1/2008 12:43:59
I have a Farmtrac 35, bought it through the Farm Expo in Moultre Ga. 6 yrs ago. I have not had a single problem (571 hrs)until 2 weeks ago. The hydralic arms will lift but not stay up. They send it to a dealer in Thomasville Ga.who no longer handles Farmtrac. I asked a New Holland dealer if they could fix it since some parts are from the old Ford line maybe will fit.. They said they would take it, but parts may be hard to find. Iam completley satisfied with this tractor, in fact it still has the origianl battery. I never had a vehicle battery last that long!  Just thought I'd pass this along.

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

10/11/2008 1:23:43
I've owned a 360DTC with a backhoe attachment for a year and a half now. It has 120 hrs on it and i am very pleased with this tractor. Trust me it has been put to the test with hurricane ike passing threw. I would recomend this tractor to anyone. Ace, Texas

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

10/29/2008 9:44:35
I have owned a 360DTC since 2003.  I have about 550 hours on this tractor.  I added a loader this year.  The tractor has been wonderful.  However, I have had difficulty keeping bulbs in the tractor as they burn out quickly.  Headlight bulbs are $9 (nine dollars) each as it takes two bulbs.  The worst problem has been the muffler.  I have welded it twice as parts cannot be bought from the dealer.  The price of the short muffler under the hood is $200 upon parts being available.  I would not trade this tractor for another as this tractor has been very reliable.  The dealer has been wonderful in assisting me with problems.  However, the tractor is worth the price.  You may email with questions about the dependability of the 360DTC at

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

2/4/2009 10:11:14
My new Farmtrac 555 did well for 44 hours, than all three cylinders started pumping oil, when my dealer took the engine apart, every think was worn out,I do not know if the engine was bad, or someone did somthing to it, but my insurance that I bought from the dealer denyed the claim that it was vandelisim.
They said that it was normal wear and tear.

Insurance from Chubb Group of insurance companies is not worth the paper it is written on.

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

2/28/2009 7:39:11
Sounds to me as if the "Farmtrac" dealers are getting nervous!. Want to get rid of inventory as this co. is in trouble!!!!. Listen to the consumer who own these tractors, the true working man who is taking a ass kicking over thier poor quality, poor warranty given, and mis management. Believe your neighbor or buddy who owns one or the truth ob here from average folks. You won't go wrong. PS. There are some good,honest dealers out there, just saying most not all are in it for the sale$$$$. Thank You.

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

3/12/2009 10:18:29
i have owned my tractor for two years and have not had one problem with it
my dealer hasgone out of he way when i ask them any questions about service or any other questions i have

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

4/4/2009 11:00:36
I purchased a 2008 Farm Trac 555, traded in on a Kubota. It didn't have but 79 hrs. Have had a few problems, and the dealership that sold the tractor new, said that once it was sold the warranty was void. Is this so? It's a great tractor just a few problems to overcome.

[Posted from : United States]
Sandy Haskell

4/9/2009 10:41:30
I bought a DTC 300 with a front end loader and 4 wheel drive at a dealer in SC in July 2004.  The dealer has been great in support in honoring a minor warranty issue, and until recently they did a great job getting parts for me.  I have had only minor problems, many of which were self inflicted while clearing land with it.  It has 345 hrs and I have total satisfaction with it.  I agree with another message that the headlights don't last very long.  The dealer (Hartley Enterprises - Monetta, SC) has always been very helpful in talking me thru making minor repairs myself.  I highly recommend them.  If you want to contact me

[Posted from : United States]
James Bond

5/31/2009 8:01:15
Farmtrac Tractor is not good one.

[Posted from : United States]
D.  Davidson

7/19/2009 2:59:39
With reference to the LONGTRAC and/or FARMTRAC tractors: I bought a 680 Longtrac 6-years ago. My use is "general farm use". Nothing too serious. During the first two years, I did move 8,000 tons of earth to make a pad for my new house. With THAT done - I built a 600-ft. long driveway. I clean ditches and move a lot of "blow sand".
Here is my complaint:  the GENERATOR never did work. During this course of six years - I replaced TWO BATTERIES. Voltage regulator burned up - and the tractor never did charge. OF course, the speedometer/tach - ran off the generator. No generator - no speedometer/tach.
SOLUTION:  after I had enough (and my last thoughts were to insure heavy and set the SOB on fire! (with my luck - it wouldn't even burn).
The GENERATOR had no interchange, from anyplace in the dam world. The "Electrical system"  is something left over from the OLD RUSSIAN Empire.  SO, I replaced the OLD generator with a NEW ALTERNATOR/REGULATOR and that fixed 90% of my problems. NEXT, I replace the WW II fuse block with a new high tech fuse block. Cost  $402.00 plus transportation charges.  NOW, the tractor is BETTER THAN NEW and has POWER to spare.
WOULD I buy another one these sorry RUSSIAN tractors?  NO! What I hate about either of these tractors - is NOTHING IS STANDARD! Bolts are METRIC (and remember this - there are THREE (3) different metric standards. IF this don't convert you DRINKING - nothing will.  
I still have problems - and my only solution to this:  sell to some young person with a LOT of time on his hands to FIX everything. In the meantime - I'm going to look into a good JOHN DEERE -   Thank you.
George C.

9/17/09 10:34:50 AM
I am thinking of buying a 555 farmtrac. The dealer wants $11,500 for it and is willing to give me $10,000 For my SC2400 cub cadet with 78 hours on it. The cub has a bucket and belly mower.  The farm trac has about 4,000 hours on it. Its a 2006 unit with a bucket, and no mower. I have 5 acres and the cub is just too small to put a post hole digger or small plow on it. I will have to put some money with the deal too. About $1500 but its a much bigger tractor and much wider to do any gravel work or to clean off any hill sides with a bush mower. I need your help with this. The belly mower works great on grass but not on brush. What do you think?

9/28/09 12:08:30 PM
Has anybody heard about replacement parts avalibility for these farmtracs ?

10/31/09 7:31:22 PM
I own a FARMTRAC 555DTC that is 2yrs old.  I started having Hydraulic problems back in Jun 09.  The dealer has gone above and beyond his means to work with me to fix the Hydraulics, but they are beyond repair without replacing the entire Hydraulic Head.  Since FARMTRAC went Bankrupt, yeah Receivership is just a delicate term for Bankrupt, I have no warranty means to repair my tractor.  I am so dissatisfied with my FARMTRAC 555DTC that I could run it off in the creek.  I would recommend that you pay a little more and buy one of the top tractors on the market to include JOHN DEERE, KOBOTA, and MASSEY FERGUSON. Spending a little more up front may save you in the long run.

11/12/09 1:13:57 PM
To George C. concerning buying a 555 Farmtrac - DON'T DO IT!!! I own a 2006 model 545 - for the first 3 months it ran fine then suddenly one day while mowing it just stopped and wouldn't restart unless it cooled down for an hour or two. The dealer picked it up and it spent the next month in the shop waiting on parts. The dealer was not very forthcoming in explaining what was wrong and after many calls to ascertain when it would be fixed, the service dept. finally quit taking my calls and would hang up on me when they recognized my voice. Replacement parts are almost non-existent and unless you're willing to spend $100.00 for a repair manual, expect to make all repairs yourself with no dealer support. Spend the extra money and buy a John Deere or a Kubota - I wish I had.

1/10/10 7:12:39 PM
i like farmtrac tractor

1/21/10 9:28:04 AM
Farmtrac parts are available easily.Call 9186965965 or 5165380484
Doug in PA

2/16/10 12:16:08 PM
My interest has grown to buy a tractor with a loader now that we are in Al Gore's full global warming mode and we have 4+ feet of snow in So. Central PA. My local newspaper has a dealer advertising a 30HP 4x4 with front loader (doesn't say the model #) for $10,500 cash. Has anyone bought this company out from the banckrupcy and if so who. Is the repair parts channel now funtional to an acceptable level. Are the parts more standardized or is it like the AMC's were in the 70's- parts from whom ever it was the cheapest. Not sure if I should move on to plan B- Kuboto... I am a Master auto tech. The last thing I want to do is work on something that shouldn't need to be worked on or re-engineered; routine maintenance the exception.
Doug in PA

2/16/10 3:23:10 PM
BTW, the tractor the dealer is selling for $10,500 is the FarmTrac... sorry

3/3/10 5:23:27 PM
I have a 360 DTC  with a backhoe attachment, I failed to check cluth free play, and the cluth had to be replaced. Make sure that little spring stays in place and pull`s up the clutch pedal. I find it pretty dependable, other than some rookie mistakes I made...
dewayne brown

3/5/10 1:16:52 PM
I have a farmtrak 60 with 375 hours on it and it has been great call shelly terrel at sundowner tractor she is great if she does not know she will get one of mechanics on the phone i have called for a few things!!!!
gary music

3/23/10 1:35:07 PM
i bought a 07 farmtrac 320dtc it has a bucket and a backhoe it seams to do very good i have had no problems so far it had 4hours on it when i bought it it now has about 75 easy hours on it had to buy diffrent wheels because ag tires would not fit the wheels that came on the tractor i am pleased with it so far

4/1/10 4:02:13 PM
dave ramsdell

5/11/10 6:21:24 PM
i have a 320 farm trac backhoe that started out working good for the first month then the problems started first a hose blew it took the mechanic two weeks to come and try to fix it it took two trips back to the shop to finally fix it i told him what hose i blew and even showed him the hose on a new tractor on his sales lot and it still took him two trips  next the bolts holding the front bucket on kept breaking and pauls farm service where i brought the tractor could not fix it then my main switch shorted out and it took the dealor 12 weeks to even order the part so if your living in northern vermont do not buy a farm trac tractor from PAULS FARM SERVICE in concord vermont they are a very poor dealer the mechanic does not know much
Steve Bush

7/31/10 12:30:56 AM
I have a FarmTrac DTC360.  I am looking for a dealer's in Massachusetts.  I can not find a dealer locator web page.  Does anyone have the link to the farmtrac home webpage?

9/8/10 2:03:28 PM
I bought a new 545 Montana. With 15 hrs on it I attempted to mow hay, the hyd would not even raise the mower after the tractor was warm.  Dealer could not find a problem after keeping it two weeks. With 19 hrs, the hyd would not work when tractor got warm. Dealership said the fix the problem with a change of filter and oil.  With 29 hours hyd pump was replaced. We will see. Paid on tractor 5 months, tractor has been in shop total 10 weeks.
Dan Davis

1/24/11 4:07:41 AM
I bought a 555 farmtrac three years ago.The radiator split the first week while plowing an open field.When i called the dealer they wouldn't honor any warranty on the tractor.Since then i have replaced the pins in the clutch pressure plate,the rear main engine oil seal,rebuilt the injector pump & injectors,replaced all seals & boots on the brakes,now it won't start.This tractor only has 358 hours on it & its been in the shop more than used on the farm.The local dealer is useless for repair work.They don't have a repair manual on it,I can't find one anywhere either.I wouldn't recommend that anyone ever buy one of these things EVER!!!!!!!I would like to return this tractor to Young's Tractor in Burnsville NC via jet bomber!On a better note.I own a 520 long that has been a great tractor so far.With 1100 hours on it I've done nothing but routine service to this one.May be a fluke.

1/24/11 4:10:19 AM
will ford parts work on my farmtrac 60

2/8/11 1:27:29 PM
I bought a 555 in 2003 , 600 hrs now, have had to replace clutch, rear wheel seals, lots of rust ( stored inside). piece of junk

2/11/11 3:56:05 PM
I own a 2008 Farmtrac555DTC, in comparrison of the my two tractors,Farmtrac with hr gage at 531hrs that quit working a month ago and a 98 2460 Long at over 4000 Hrs, the Long is a better tractor, being a small business owner and operator you can't afford much downtime.So far with the Farmtrac I've had electrical problems.For advice if you have sylenoid problems,when you replace the sylenoid replace the key switch at the same time.I have found it's hard to find after market parts such as oil/hydraulic filters.If I had a do over,I would't have bought a Farmtrac.
fred widom

2/14/11 12:44:19 AM
parts on the Framtrac tractors are available you can download parts books and some service information from the site.
Gary (Triple L

4/10/11 12:21:36 PM
We have owned a farmtrac for 6 years have over 350 hours use it every day
in the arena have had no problems. If you have a problem call GW's tractor in Cleveland, Texas He knows his stuff. Good luck.
J. D.

4/30/11 12:33:08 AM
Originally purchased 555 farmtrac in 05, clutch pin went out; starter crappy.and more I don't recall. So, with 150 or so hours upgraded to 665 four wheel drive. Have total of less than 270 hours and lost pin in hydralic system; new alternator, cracked fuel filter housing, hours of use stopped working; three hydrualic hoses. Now a fatigue crack in steel line from pump to steering mechanism. I wouldn't hit a dog in the hind end with these pieces of crap. Was told they were same as New Holland. Strange, my dealership is about out of business, while N.H. is still booming.

5/30/11 2:51:05 AM
my cousin is having problems with his 300 farmtrac where it pops out of forward we couldn't figureit out.... anybodys thoughts?

9/25/11 10:30:22 PM
I have a farm trac 555 and it stays tore up all the time. It's small stuff but always something.

9/30/11 11:47:36 AM
I have a Longtrac 520,I have had it for about 10 years now, with just preventive maitinance, and normal upkeep. I am in the middle of rebuilding the engine,. { overheated due to a blown head gasket. It is geeting haerder to get part for the later model tractors, maybee all I don't know. I know they aren't making parts any more for them. And for the guy that has the electrical problem, if you still have the volkswagon type fuses, {Ceremic} switch it out to a regular fuse box, and as far as the clicking , would say it's a ground.

1/1/12 2:58:32 PM
We make trenchers for farmtrac tractors .

barad bharat

1/6/12 11:39:07 PM
i like a farmtrac tractor because it is a king of tractors

3/14/12 1:52:03 AM
I own a farm trac tractor I purchased it 5-6 years ago this was my biggist mistake in my small bison ranch farming operation. I have fixed, replased,or welded. the only good thing about my farmtrac is the dealer I bought it from.becouse my problems are so many I can not type fast enough to talk abought all of them. my tractor is only for my small operation of 32 bison. I will be takeing it in tonight it looks like the cluch went puting a bale of hay in my pasture.I would not recomend buying a farmtrac tractor unless it comes with a 10 year unconditional warenty....             steve, a&s buffalo ranch

4/15/12 1:13:40 AM
I purchased a Farmtrac 300 dtc in 2004. It's been a great tractor  & served me well but lately Its deveoped a couple of problems I could use some help solving. The dealer has recently closed so I don't know where to turn.  Problem #1 my battery keeps going dead. had the alternator tested It's working fine put in a new battery, same problem after a dozen or so starts dead battery... Problem #2 my fuel preheater quit It will not start no matter how warm it is outside just a sniff of starting fluid it's running & then it's fine unless it sets for a couple of hours. Anyone else dealing with these issues?

9/10/12 2:53:20 PM
I have a farmtrac 555.  Bolts come loose on fuel pump and fuel line from primer to fuel pump broke.  Replaced fuel line and local mechanic could not set timing back.  Any advice on setting timing.  Is it gear driven?
Rich C

5/22/13 9:14:06 AM

My Brake Camshaft Boot or my left rear wheel has started to leak.  I changed the boot - didn't fix it.  A mechanic says there probably a seal near the brake piston that need to be replaced.  Anybody run into this?  

thanks, Rich


9/11/13 9:24:30 PM
I have a Farmtrac 545 DTC.  The right end rod seal is leaking on the Hydrostatic steering cylinder.  The repair manual does not address how to repair the seal or the cylinder installation or removal at all.  Does anyone know where to find the instructions for doing this repair.


9/30/13 1:18:42 PM
I have a 2008 Farmtrac 320.  It blows the fuse every time I try to start it.  Starter switch is $900.  Any troubleshooting ideas would be most appreciated!
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