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Forum topic/blog entry started by D on 8/7/10 1:51:32 AM (server time).
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Non toxic ant removal

I have ants in my Parrots bird seed is there a way to get them out without chemicals? Or should I just toss the whole 40lb bag?
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8/7/10 1:58:55 AM
I'd rather use chemicals than waste it. Spraying a border of surface spray insect killer around the ground at the base of the bag should eventually get rid of them all.

For next time, an old trick to keep ants out is to place the bag on a table, and under each table leg place a cup of water(placing the legs in the cups). Nothing will be able to get up the table legs without crossing the water in the cups, which they won't do.

3/5/11 6:52:29 PM
If you use a chemical or poison to kill the ants you will contaminate the parrot food and your parrots. Also I doubt that the ants themselves are toxic to the birds and may even be an acceptable side dish to their natural diet in the wild... just a guess since logic dictates that even wild birds that are strictly seed and fruit eaters could not avoid eating a few ants and other bugs which are on or in the fruit and seeds. But an infestation is definitely undesirable.

To save this batch of parrot food, try dumping the feed into a bucket and scoop smaller amounts one at a time into a large strainer or bowl (as you are not actually straining out the ants), shake it around and use your eyes to separate the food by hand. It sounds harder than it is. I had to do this with kitty kibble once.
Or you can dump the feed into a box and place a couple of home made ant baits to draw them out of the feed. They will crawl into the containers for this sugary treat and you've made it using a kill ratio by using more boric acid, this should clean them out of the bird food.

Then you will need a less toxic-to-ants recipe because you will want to keep them from coming back and the best way is to eliminate the ants at the source. A sugar based bait is advised for use in February-early spring or whenever you spot the first scouts looking for a food source. I've read that you start with sugary bait and later switch to a protein bait as the ants dietary needs and so what attracts them will change.

Basically use 1 cup of sugar to 1 tablespoon of boric acid then mix in 1 cup warm or hot water to make a syrup. Remember, too much boric acid will kill them before they carry this back to their nest where the rest of the colony - including the queen I believe - will eat this and there is a good chance it will destroy the colony. This is a much better solution than baiting or spraying with poison over and over in your home, and also for not using a stronger boric avid mix that kills quickly because if you kill all the ants that enter your house, new scouts will simply continue to come back looking for food and use different trails to do so. They are not easily discouraged and seem to know no fear.

You can find a variety of recipes at websites like or just do a search for under "non-toxic ant bait recipe" or "recipe for non-toxic ant bait"  or "home made ant bait recipe" and you will get a bunch of variations on the same theme, with what, where, when and how. You can also search for non-toxic pest control and/or pest or insect extermination, and get some commercial companies who specialise in non-toxic, safe and natural extermination.

6/28/11 11:50:19 PM
Ants--Non-toxic elimination. Like many others i'm a veteran of the Ant Wars--used every possible toxic and non toxic methods. I thought there was no permanent solution. Last year, I had had it. In my garage there were three traffic lines, starting on one side of the garage, headed for the trash can on the other side. I took out my portable vac. and sucked up the lines that ran 15 or so feet. Each morning and evening i would suck up all the lines. I did this every day for approx two weeks. At the end of this ritual there were no more ants. It's 14 mos later now, and still no ants. Ants trails outside but none in the house. NOT A SINGLE ANT! My reasoning is that i disposed of the entire colony in the house. Two weeks!!? Consider this, i no longer have ants in my kitchen, bathroom, living room, and no more chemicals.
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