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PC Game Hint and Cheat Forum
Forum topic/blog entry started by Superhacks on 6/12/11 9:34:07 PM (server time).
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Empires & Allies Hack

Now You Can HACK Coins, Points, XP, Energy, Wood etc In Empires & Allies Facebook Zynga Game. With This Tool You Can Hack Coins, Points, Energy etc. And You Can Unlimited Game With Out Waiting For It. This Tool Will Help You a Lot So You Can Fight With Enemy's Well. You Can Make Your Ratings Better On That Game. Download This Empires and Allies Hack Free Here.

Download Here: [Sorry... low quality link blocked by moderator]

How To Use Hack:

Firstly You Need This Tool Empires and Allies Hack Download It From Given Link.
Then You Are Require To Open Game From Mozilla Firefox Browser
Now Open This Hack Tool
Write In Blank Field What You Need To Hack On Game
Now Press Hack Button
After Progress Bar Complete Click Exit Button
Now Refresh The Game Through Your Mozilla Firefox Browser
Reply from/

6/15/11 4:49:09 PM
How about the password to open the file ?! it would really be useful dont you think !?

6/15/11 5:08:56 PM
code... what's the unzip code?

6/18/11 8:02:23 PM
i cant download it it always require some kind of forms can you send me the files pls

6/18/11 8:25:16 PM
and whats with the survey. When you post something like this and use words like FREE then stop spitting others faces with that survey and password thing..

6/19/11 7:21:25 AM
rar code

6/19/11 8:38:06 PM
Dude, what the f--k is the password? Stop being a d--k

6/19/11 8:41:13 PM
hey there is a passsword that can be downloaded he saids it in the notepad that says password here mamones

6/20/11 9:05:12 AM
rar pass ?

6/21/11 12:25:36 PM
give me password on my e-mail

6/23/11 9:07:47 AM
hey u piece of s__t im tired of seeing these survey things just get the files and then make a download link to it y do u like being a d__k for

6/26/11 8:05:13 PM
someone give me the password?

6/26/11 8:06:35 PM
What a load of s*** this is. I completed the stupid survey and downloaded the Zip file only to need a password. I went to the link to get the password only to do another f@!$in survey to get the password. Once unzipped, the bloody files don't work and I keep getting errors like missing files to download application.

Don't waste your time on this..its completely frickin useless!!!!

6/26/11 8:06:47 PM
By the way....the password is yourhackworld

6/26/11 8:07:46 PM
what the f--- you f--ing business man you are so f--ing liar go to hell

6/28/11 11:58:07 PM
password: yourhackworld

6/29/11 7:12:43 AM
guys, I been reading posts like this about the frustration of some people cause by  smart ass like this here, There's only one way to move on that stupid game then when you reach level 55 it seams to take for ever so.

THERE's nothing free at all aywhere

Make fake accounts on FB and send request from

choose what you need and please note you can send as many as your system allows, I usually open 4 chrome windows and send 25 request on each means 100 request per user  now remember when you go to your fake and accept to not use the tools that collect the 100 request by a single click as if you are requesting ENERGY you will only get 15

Good luck, and try to avoid @ssholes like this

7/1/11 8:27:13 AM
hey ass you just wasted my memory space

7/1/11 8:54:50 AM
u r pop

7/6/11 6:55:20 AM
u r such a pig f**ker !! wat s***!!where is th password u a**hole

7/6/11 10:22:01 PM
all those hacks is bullshit
don't fall on this this is just another spam
if you need coins build farms if you need xp do missions or invade/defend friends
easy )
dont be lazy and play

7/6/11 10:24:22 PM
This is just another scam, trying to make money off people who want to cheat Empires and Allies. Stop searching for hacks for the game. They DO NOT work, as you can see from the above example. You can potentially get viruses from these downloads, and even if the cheats do something, you'll get banned from the game in a clip of the eye. You can, however, dominate without cheats or other stuffs that are against the game terms. With the optimal strategy, you are able to build an enormous empire with never ending resources without risking to get banned or having to spend a small fortune for the game in real money. Yes, the strategy is all that matters. And you don't even have to search a good one. Just go to this site: to acquire the best available guide on how to succeed in Empires and Allies. So visit this site, and always be ahead of your friends and enemies:

7/7/11 5:33:42 AM
guys if it's a pass protected zip/rar file it's a fake!

7/7/11 2:27:18 PM

Download latest empires and allies hack woods, empire points, coins, energy here at


7/7/11 6:01:02 PM
Its Really Working at My Pc & Owner Of This hack had also blessed me with password of this file. Now i am very happy that this hack is really working. Thanks to every one

7/8/11 2:10:07 PM
oh My GOD!!! i was in the research of this hack and i got it from this forum. thanks to

7/9/11 12:58:29 AM


7/9/11 1:49:03 PM
I can not believe guys firstly i reviewed your comments. And i also thought its spam but when i tried it. it finally worked well for me. So I am very very happy to found it free. And thanks for the owner made it well and simple.

7/9/11 1:50:04 PM
Hey! Hey! Hey!  i did all this f---ing steps why didn`t work?

7/9/11 1:50:13 PM
what now?

7/9/11 1:50:52 PM
tell me what i must do pls

7/9/11 11:40:56 PM
Bravo and Amazing Hack I am Very Very Thanks Full Of You. And The Message For Those Guys Who Comments That This Is Another Spam Or Scam etc. So I Will Say Them That They Did Not Download a Hack Tool. And They Are Just Trying To Spam Here By Commenting About Hack Is Not Working. But The Real Is Hack Is Working and These Guys Are Jealous Because They Wants To Get Peoples Attentions On There Fake Files. By The I am Thanks Full Of Programmer Who Did This Job Well. And I Can Not Believe How He Made It Well. And For Using Hack And For Let It Work You Need Net frame 4.

7/10/11 9:21:31 PM
can i see video how to do this pls!

7/11/11 1:19:24 PM
didn't work for me, please help... :((

7/12/11 12:12:47 PM
It works guys but you are fool. you can not even use mp3 softwares. Watch official video of this hack on youtube and see how it works there.

7/13/11 7:13:06 AM
Wow..... Thank You So Much For This Working Tool I Enjoyed a Lot

7/13/11 7:13:30 AM
I tried and download this hack after reading your comments i thought i got spam tool but i tried it and started and seriously i can not believe it worked and still working because it did not got patch.

7/14/11 7:00:23 AM
Hack Tool Is Working Fine and Well. Can I Have The Email Of The Person Who Made This Hack. Because I Wants Him To Make One Program For Me. Its Secret

7/14/11 10:51:27 PM
Tested and Working Empires And Allies Hack! You can download it for free from:


7/14/11 10:54:47 PM
The only funny thing in this tread, is the up-loader trying to make you believe this actually works.

7/14/11 11:06:15 PM
Right on lala, hehe, you noticed that too. The same person using different names posting praise for his own scam. Hehe.

Surely there are better ways to make money whatever your name is who posted this topic then refutes everyone here who had been misled by it. I bet its only made you about $5. And its $5 you won't be very proud of earning. I'd rather give the $5 away than act a grub and waste peoples time for a few cents profit each time.
mizo a--hole

7/16/11 12:46:08 AM
some f***ing spam scammer again !!!!!!!!!
Go To HELL.............

7/16/11 9:25:50 PM
it works for me just read password here txt and thats it

7/16/11 9:35:54 PM


7/16/11 9:38:40 PM
its working thank you

7/17/11 5:21:21 PM
Oh i though its scam because when i saw some guys are saying that. But i would like to say when i downloaded and started hacking that tool and i saw my game with lots of coins points and xp thank you so much. And msg for those guys who are saying hack not working. So i must you are bigger spammers you are trying to make peoples fool because u wants these peoples download your fake items. I really say this hack is the best and working program.

7/17/11 5:24:10 PM
OMG hack is working who says hack is not working thank you thank you you are good

7/18/11 12:36:38 AM
thank you man the hack is superb and working

[System note: Username changed multiple times in this thread. IP is]

7/19/11 3:31:59 PM
give me the password in this email

7/19/11 3:45:05 PM
which firefox verzion should be used? and i'm running win 7 64-bit

7/19/11 7:36:43 PM

7/19/11 7:37:11 PM
can some one send me the hack pls skype: s***ster_95

7/20/11 5:53:57 PM
thank you thank you so much hack is working fine

[System note: Username changed multiple times in this thread. IP is]

7/21/11 3:37:24 AM
What is the Rar code ? :

7/21/11 2:52:01 PM
Hey man stop it yo!
UR STO***NED i know it every one knows it..
Take it cool yo why u trying to talk in diffrent languages but write the same..
stonerrr i mean scamerrr.

7/22/11 2:55:54 AM
I watched this video and download the file on the desription:
It totaly worked now my empire & allies is more powerful and I have unlimited energy!

7/22/11 5:10:31 PM
really thanks for the hack.....

[System note: Username changed multiple times in this thread. IP is]

7/24/11 3:17:36 PM
Sono pergi ke neraka aja kaoo!!! SH!T WTF M----------R CARI UANG YANG BENER DONG!!! DANCOOOOOKKKK

For all: Don't download this file it's fake!!!

7/24/11 3:18:33 PM
please cheat my empires and alies

7/27/11 8:14:10 AM

watch my video and you will be happy after downloading it!
hope you ENJOY! :D

7/30/11 2:39:16 PM
Hi! Im from Brazil, and have a question: when I click in the download link, it open the page, but with "survey's" that don't permit me to download empire and allies's hack...
Need help!
Sorry about my poor speech... *-*
Cheat Empires

7/31/11 6:42:01 PM

8/1/11 12:04:06 AM
nak cheat empires and allies xp, get point,dan coins
extra energy

8/1/11 12:05:55 AM

8/3/11 2:28:14 AM

[System note: user has used multiple usernames. IP is]

8/7/11 10:20:27 AM
rar code=yourhackworld

8/9/11 7:00:38 AM
seriusly i cannot coplete the survey....i need this tool verymuch...pliz someone email this tool to me..pliz

8/12/11 9:27:06 PM
I can't complete this survey.. please i need this tool... send to my e-mail

8/16/11 1:47:06 AM
Guys... this bloke is a real D*ck, he changes his nick many times to write his own review.

Example: [System note: Username changed multiple times in this thread. IP is]

See he gets paid for every download that you guys make.... so he has to constantly change his nick to write "good" reviews so you guys will continue to download and hence making him more money.. Don't download anymore from him! he's a scammer...!

8/16/11 1:51:52 AM
my e-mail is,i already done everystep but i ca,'t download,what the hell,are you joke?
i iiiiiiiiiiii

8/17/11 11:37:53 PM
hey guys wht rar pass ? plz

8/17/11 11:48:51 PM
Hey dudes, i found awesome site of Empires And Allies Tricks:

8/18/11 12:58:42 PM
the RAR password is


8/19/11 1:02:48 PM

8/21/11 8:56:28 AM
Would someone give me this tool? I can't do survey. Please send to my mail.


8/22/11 2:36:55 AM
PLS. any body can send me this on my email? i can't download..after the survey stil not unluck the download..pls pls

8/23/11 11:19:43 AM
we can hack empire's points with this program ?

8/24/11 9:01:43 AM
this f--ker i did everything and it didnt work man fix r remove

8/26/11 2:07:16 AM
F**k how to download it

8/28/11 5:43:40 PM
f---ing s--t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/29/11 2:14:03 PM
You think you can password protect something from me. I unpacked your f***ing archive with few clicks and it was full of scam, just like you are f***ing scammers !

8/30/11 2:05:53 PM
somebody who said it's work is fiend of the scamer!!!!!or himself

8/30/11 2:06:14 PM
fake as the fake's in the world

8/30/11 2:06:49 PM
u damaged my computer ...u chicken sh.t.... bullsh.t

8/30/11 5:43:11 PM

8/31/11 8:46:08 PM
don't take care of him . can't you see that he is trying to steal your facebook account ?

9/2/11 2:59:02 PM
bull s--t.
dont beleive these websites.
fit for nothing


9/3/11 9:17:23 PM
hey guys download the EAAbot its better im using it just one survey and no password

9/4/11 3:26:53 PM
Stupid Guys Dont Post Link If U Will Put A Survey .. F---ing Noob .. !

9/6/11 1:23:19 PM
i cant download it it always require some kind of forms can you send me the files pls
syazrol halim

9/7/11 5:44:34 PM
babi betol la
aku mane paham base inggeris ni
bodo betol la

9/8/11 4:50:05 PM

9/11/11 3:33:08 PM
I can't pass the survey... ><"... Sh**

9/12/11 10:07:53 PM
Can you please say the password

9/14/11 3:25:17 PM
Click here to get the working latest hack:

9/14/11 3:26:14 PM
hey dipshit! f*** ur survey!

9/14/11 3:29:01 PM
so f***ing annoying...i have try downloading it for many time but the survey always came out..i this it just a scam...if some of u hane the password...please email it to me at

9/14/11 7:53:33 PM
om tolon bgi sich no pasword empire & allies pliss

9/15/11 2:22:06 PM
please anybody.. email me please if u can have it. i can`t pass the survey... email me at

9/15/11 2:57:49 PM
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