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Forum topic/blog entry started by hacksandcheats on 6/30/12 8:17:00 AM (server time).
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Reply from/

6/30/12 8:55:36 AM
Let me guess... yet another scam to get people to make you money and get nothing in return, or if they are unlucky they download a virus instead if a hack.

People, if you go to the site advertised by the above person in this topic and you are asked to do a survey or some other task that makes someone else a few cents, then you are being defrauded. There are no working Facebook game hacks.  They force you to make them a few cents, then allow you to download a virus or trojan.  Notice on those types of pages that you won't be allowed to leave a negative comment? They switch comments off, because all they get is abuse from defrauded people.  So if you can't leave a comment asking about the hack or anything else, you'll know that they don't want people leaving comments describing how they were robbed.  Some of the offers they force you to do before you can download the file can actually cost you 100s of dollars, especially the 'give us your mobile phone number', where you will be sent garbage texts every day that cost you $30 on your phone bill each time you receive one.

People running scams like the one above are just lowlife pieces of crap that don't have the ability to make money on the net legitimately like everyone else does, so they defraud you the easy way.  If you really want to have some fun at their expense do a whois search and use any other means you have of finding out where the site is from then inform their local police. In some of those thieves countries they'll have a hand lopped off for fraud and theft. Hehe. Excellent.

This topic will hopefully be deleted by one of this forums moderators soon, or at least the link to their scam site will be blocked.  Anyone involved in forum communities knows about the Facebook game hack scam. But at least when they advertise their scam on open forums like this we can tell everyone about what the pricks are doing. You can't write a comment like this at their site. Try it. It won't work. They don't want their victims telling everyone else how they were robbed at the site, so comments won't be accepted. So if anyone tries the above site and is ripped of, please come back to this forum and tell people what happened.  The scammers don't own this forum, so they can't stop you spreading the truth here!  I bet there's even people here smart enough to scam the scumbags right back again, or at least act like a potential victim who wants to send them some money for the hack file, so they give you their details, which you can use to track them and get their local police knocking on their door. Or if they live near you, then you might like to visit them yourself to get your money back. A smart person could definitely find out exactly who the fraudster is. I'll ask a hacker friend to find the owner of the for us. I'll post details here if he gets them.

7/1/12 6:02:58 AM
@ Henry
You Bogus Person We Don't Force To You To Get Our Apps As We Described These Cheats Are Just For Fun Purpose And We Have A Video Tutorials How These Cheats Works. Just Shut Your Dirty Mouth

7/1/12 6:27:58 AM
Hehe. What has 'we dont force to you to get our apps' got to do with anything? Nevermind the bad English, but does that make it ok to defraud people? No-one is ever forced to download anything, so how does that make what you are doing ok? If they want to download a useless file you force them to do a survey which is collecting peoples details for sale to other scammers, or they can give another site their mobile number so they receive garbage texts each day that cost them a heap of money on their phone.

Oh, and you have a video tutorial showing the hacks working. Yes, faked videos. Am I wrong? Do I have to waste my time going to your site, get scammed, download a trojan/virus, and come back here and tell everyone how I was defrauded. Would you really want me to test your 'hack' and note here how it worked for me? If I get some spare time today i'll do that, and we can see your wonderful download working for us, and i'll tell everyone here all about how I was wrong and 'hacksandcheats' has a really good working facebook game hack.

Talk to you soon, after i've tried the awesome hack. Haha. Then we'll see who the 'bogus person' really is...

7/1/12 8:47:38 PM
See if you share the same points made in this latest Dragon City review.

7/1/12 8:47:56 PM
See if you share the same points made in this latest Dragon City review.
daniel regidor

7/10/12 7:18:04 AM
gems hack ??

7/19/12 1:36:07 PM
(pmp)  the only Working hack tools of dragon city  found only at :   unlimited gems, unlimited food, and more (pmp) !

8/20/12 11:42:00 PM
we gonna banned all of cheat in dragon city becouse its not fare

9/17/12 11:44:10 PM
I agree with Henry. It's nothing but fraudulent. They do this in the hopes people will try to download their files, fill in loads of surveys and give out private information to get money out of you. It's pathetic and one day they'll get what they deserve, caught by the police, sent down to prison where they belong and the rest of us will go on to live happily ever after.

There are no hacks or cheats for Facebook games. The developers make sure they is no way. They moniter their systems every day and just by the off chance someone does hack in, they patch it up within minutes so no one else can do the same thing. I know this as my brother is a developer for the Facebook games Farmville and CSI. It's laughable that these idiots think they can keep getting away with this and making FAKE HACK TOOLS.
hi man

9/24/12 8:25:02 PM
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9/28/12 11:05:07 PM
thanks for the hack gonna use it.

9/30/12 3:38:18 PM
Awesome, New Dragon City Hack Tool for Free Download, Increase your Wood, Germs, Food  Get your Dragon City Hack Tool here , its Worked!

10/14/12 4:41:00 PM
beget you tried this url to look because of hacks? is good

10/16/12 1:53:18 PM
I found good free items for dragon city on this site (Dragon City Breeding)

10/16/12 1:57:11 PM
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10/19/12 1:40:37 AM
I agree with Henry to. after i downloaded it, McAfee popes up saying a virus was detected. its a scam to get people to think their downloaders are getting something out of it.

10/19/12 6:00:21 PM
Dragon City Cheat tool  Hack  Trainer

10/21/12 10:46:07 PM
Nuevo hack de gemas, Octubre,noviembre y diciembre del 2012... Este hack te regala de 15 mil hasta 100 mil gemas, compruebalo por ti mismo... Ingresa a la aplicacion para obtener tus gemas.

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11/2/12 10:58:34 PM
Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, creo que te estas dando con una hormaza, no insistas e invierte donde creas, este foro no es de consulta, se mueve por intereses de unos pocos que hablan del interés personal de lo que debe de hacer un valor y no un estudio de cada valencia.
Dragon Gamer

11/19/12 2:32:39 PM
Thank You The Bot Working Fine On My Side. I am Using it as You Said On The Page Thanks Frm USA.

11/28/12 8:47:10 AM
Thank you so much i downloaded it and did quiz and got it what i was looking for thank you very much

Jeff from US.

11/30/12 5:00:48 PM
thanks for the cheat bot i successfully downloaded it and installed it the same way. I used its working bot thanks for it. But in video u said not do more than 25 so can i do more than 25 Gems thanks.

1/18/13 10:13:16 AM
wow. well i can see where they have maid a point. to cheat on this game would be in a sense stealing because one has to pay to get the items. but to turn around and do the same thing is a bit hypocritical don't you think? why don't you just say "don't cheat" not spam us and give us false hope. you are no better than we are...

8/16/13 12:07:14 PM
well this is fake and needs to download virus
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