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PC Game Hint and Cheat Forum
Forum topic/blog entry started by thesimssocial on 8/19/11 7:25:09 PM (server time).
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The Sims Social Cheat Hack Generator Free Download

The Sims Social Hack Cheat Generator Tool Is a Program Which Generate/Hacks Free Simoleons, Sim Cash, Social Points, Energy, Level or Xp etc. The Sims Social Hack Is a Free Safe and Secure Program With All New Skin, Template and Features. The Sims Social Cheat Hack Is Professionally Designed For The Sims Social Game Fans So That They Can Generate These Items Free. The Sims Social Hack Generator Included Browser Support So Means You Are Not Required To Write Your Email Of Your Facebook Account Just You Need Open Your Game and Connect The Hack With Any Of These 3 Browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome. In Security Lock System There Is Proxy Server System, Secure Server System and Anti-Ban Hack Cheat System. So By Checking These All Systems You Will Be Safe and Your Ip and Your Account Will Be Safe Too and Also You Will Not Get Ban. We Will Also Update The Hack Will Be Touch With You.

Download Here From Official Website:
Reply from/

8/19/11 8:17:53 PM
Tested and Working The Sims Social Hack! You can download it for free from:


8/19/11 10:32:21 PM
thank you much hack is working

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8/20/11 1:24:13 PM
If you want working hack, check this site. Hack is very simple and easy to use. Few clicks and you are done!

8/23/11 11:31:23 AM
xfavor aydenme con el codigo de licencia q no me funciona me dice q ya esta ciendo usado o q a caducado el codigo q ago ???

8/24/11 8:53:16 AM
Ee Feng

8/24/11 8:59:03 AM
Hello im a big sims social fan, and i have tried to download this sims social hack .... but whenever i click download, it always ask me to complete a survey before i can download it, and it cost me money... i did, but i didnt get my hack software. what happen actually?

8/25/11 5:19:31 PM
what is the license code?????

8/25/11 5:20:07 PM

8/25/11 5:21:24 PM
i found the license code but the code is expired

8/26/11 2:18:03 AM
Thank you so much i was mistaken hack is working f9 sorry for my mistake.

[System note: users name has been changed multiple times. IP address is]

8/26/11 11:52:08 PM
please leak
a license code....

8/28/11 5:39:13 PM
Thank you for the link, but I do not arrive reached it he(it) asks me for a code?

8/30/11 3:09:35 AM
license code pls

8/30/11 3:17:28 AM

9/1/11 2:15:59 PM
Those Surveys are NO good. Damn it.

9/2/11 3:02:34 PM
Surveys! Surveys! Surveys! All they want is money they didn't earn.

9/2/11 3:07:17 PM
what is the license code i need it

9/3/11 9:12:04 PM
Does anyone know a valid license code for the hack? I got it to download without having to take any surveys and had the password for opening the file, but now it wants to register and the codes available don't work anymore. PLSSSSS help!

9/4/11 7:47:06 PM
^^^^^can you give me the license code you used? thanks in advanced!

9/5/11 3:38:34 PM

9/6/11 1:22:37 PM
simhacks dload links w/c require you to answer surveys are FAKE!! don't answer the survey you'll only waste your time and money!

9/7/11 10:57:11 AM
This is not fake and the surveys work. I did the one where you have to like a facebook page. I clicked the link, liked it, and then came back to the website and clicked download again, and then it worked.

9/9/11 4:05:06 AM
licience code? -.-
to Dan

9/10/11 1:50:29 PM
You are an idiot. Haven't you heard of click-jacking and like-jacking?? It's BS, the surveys only give you crap. Don't like everything on facebook.

9/10/11 1:53:21 PM
SURVEY! damn you

9/11/11 1:27:20 AM
SURVEY! Love you i thought hack and surveys are fake but i gave it a try and seriously it worked please forgive me i miss understood thank you.

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9/11/11 2:35:53 PM
The Sims Social Cheat Engine v. 1.0.2 Build Free Download

SimCasher v1.3 [SimCash, Simoleons, Social Points, Energy Unlimited]

9/12/11 1:59:09 PM
Sweet!! Free Sims Social Bot

>> <<

9/13/11 11:33:33 AM
Sweet!! Free Sims Social Bot>> <<

9/14/11 3:29:21 PM
Sweet!! Free Sims Social Bot

>> <<

9/14/11 3:29:44 PM
Sweet!! Free Sims Social Bot

>> <<

9/14/11 7:57:41 PM
guys is a scam and has virus and keylogger. But i downloaded from here it worked. But now i have to format my pc because attacked on my pc.

[System note: this user has posted under different names. IP is]

9/14/11 7:58:31 PM
Check it out fully working and Brand new

9/17/11 7:32:20 AM

9/17/11 6:01:43 PM
Sweet!! Free Sims Social Bot

>> <<

9/17/11 6:04:12 PM (the sims social cheat here)

9/19/11 1:17:43 AM
Sweet!! Free Sims Social Bot

>> <<

9/19/11 4:56:04 PM
100% Working and Legit Social Sims Cash Hack - Sims Cashier v1.3 - They decided to put it on a survey site so that people will be limited on leaking it. Hope you understand. Enjoy!

Download here:

9/20/11 7:58:33 PM
please can you tell me where i must downloaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad the sims social hack
and give me answer
are hack is make the sims social banned
facebook anony

9/21/11 9:49:34 AM
i tried all link but none of them are working! i just stumbled upon a cool website! They decided to put it on a survey site so that people will be limited on leaking it. Hope you understand. Enjoy!

i gaurantee you this the real deal for you !!!!

The Sims Social Cheat Engine v. 1.0.2

9/21/11 10:02:42 AM
what's with the survey, it didn't work for me,.. please help

9/21/11 3:07:59 PM
The ONLY working The sims social hack - generate unlimited simoleon,simcash, social point, xp and energy!

9/21/11 4:44:57 PM
buulshit all are not working...

i tried downloading form this site and it work like a charm!

9/22/11 10:32:44 AM
100% Working and Legit Social Sims Cash Hack - Sims Cashier v1.3 - They decided to put it on a survey site so that people will be limited on leaking it. Hope you understand. Enjoy!

Download here:

9/23/11 6:10:55 PM

9/23/11 6:15:54 PM - the best the sims social cheat tool.

9/28/11 7:03:55 PM

9/30/11 11:43:13 AM

10/1/11 4:15:46 PM ---> no survey find the best tools! promise!

10/2/11 8:09:52 PM
Hi.... someone knows a site that software WITHOUT having PAYING SURVEYS??????????????????????????????????????????????

if yes please share that information!!


10/4/11 8:45:03 AM
The Sims Social Cheat Tool Bot - Generate Unlimited SimCash, Simoleons, Social Points Hack
Help me help u

10/5/11 8:41:53 AM
look i got the rar file but i dont want to do another survey so can someone tell me the rar password please?

10/10/11 9:32:33 AM
what an a--hole SURVEYS scammers

10/14/11 1:44:17 PM
It is not working, i can't download it!

10/14/11 6:27:43 PM
all of that is not free, you need to take the survey that will charge you.. dont say "it's free" while not

10/16/11 2:12:13 PM
got any sims social hack is regular download and dont need any money to pay??

10/18/11 8:25:10 AM <<< free simcash generator no survey needed
Black Ops

10/18/11 8:34:36 AM
Whats the code????!!!!!!!! For the Zip!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/18/11 2:08:18 PM
Free Simcash generator (no survey required)

10/18/11 3:56:22 PM
Free Simcash generator (no survey required)

10/19/11 3:25:32 PM - working sims social cheat

10/22/11 9:08:01 PM
@fritzer, I downloaded the link you posted. I can't seem to get it to work. It goes as far to say it's connecting to Facebook but then it progresses no further. Help?

10/25/11 5:00:09 PM
i think it is so funny that the original person who posted this is going behind people and saying "oh, sorry, my mistake, it works now!" even though this site is telling on him/her every time saying " [System note: this user has used another users username. IP is]" and "
[System note: multiple usernames used in posts. IP is]"

advise from me is never download anything that has some one with the same IP address making most of the "yes do it" reviews. lol
f*** it, i'll just spend like 10 dollars on sims social cash, rather then have some one have control over my 6oo dollar computer... and all my passwords.

10/26/11 8:21:24 AM
totally agree with simsfreeeeeak here... just pay 10 dollars for simcash or pay 100 dollars for reinstallation of your computer, not to mention the passwords they gain access to

10/26/11 5:07:54 PM
holly molly i tried downloading all it didnt f****ng work! but i found this site . vouch for that website!
big D.

10/28/11 11:55:55 AM
This is fake! not  working everithing is fake!

10/28/11 11:56:31 AM
Sweet!! Free Sim Casher

>> <<
Shane Gregory

11/2/11 7:38:28 AM
The Sims Social Halloween Hack is on until November 30, 2011
Get your copy now at  for FREE!
The Sims Hack

11/2/11 6:08:02 PM

11/5/11 4:53:22 PM
i hate this i answered already the survey how many times but still i cant download the hack f*ck survey

11/18/11 4:46:01 PM
Sweet!! Free Sim Casher

>> <<

11/22/11 4:20:40 PM
Sweet!! Free Sim Casher

>> <<

11/26/11 7:18:37 AM
Could anybody can tell me the licence code pls???

11/27/11 5:23:37 AM
I have to register in paid survey.. I just give them unidentified name and e-mail.. is it ok?? pliss answer me..

11/28/11 12:36:24 PM
nesecito la licencia code es lo que me falta quien lo puede publicar plzz!!!

11/28/11 12:36:52 PM
nesecito la licencia code es lo que me falta quien lo puede publicar plzz!!!


11/30/11 4:48:58 PM
download hack sims social on facebook
hack lover

12/4/11 3:00:27 AM
ooohhh s***! my email and facebook account has been hacked by someone it reported in my email....that was since i do the f***ing s*** survey...............wake up people there is no hack can cheat the sim social facebook....i spend 1month doing research in this n wasting my money...........

12/11/11 2:00:25 AM
The sims 2012

12/11/11 2:10:41 AM
guys watch this video..very nice and working the sims social cheat.

12/14/11 10:15:21 AM
thanks man its working with new license
Moderator 1

12/14/11 10:24:54 AM
[System note: multiple usernames used by above poster (david) in other posts. IP is]

12/18/11 4:10:07 AM
This is a lie.
I hate surveys!
I hate those survey crap. It pissed me off!!
Could someone reply for a surveyless hack?
Without passwords too.

12/19/11 4:48:54 PM
what the license code

12/22/11 12:08:19 PM
Totally agreed with you <HMML>... it is a lie.
Surveys's crap! I'm also looking for surveyless hack, Without passwords too.

Help me please and Thanks!

12/25/11 6:31:59 PM
" <<< free simcash generator no survey needed"
this link that member name:cleav45 pasted is come with !!!Malware!!!!

12/26/11 4:54:34 PM

12/30/11 4:02:55 AM
I need a new license code, the one i have is no longer working.Please

1/2/12 2:05:28 PM
Hi...I have tried all of the web links for 'The Sims Social Cheat/Hack'. They never work, they always ask u 2 fill a survey and then give them ur mobile no. and text them, some ppl say it's to check if only humans r getting the hacks, tehre's no use of checking if it's a human getting the hack or not...What's the point?!
Someone plz tell me a website that does not require money or surveys to get a free hack.
xxx (anonymous)

1/3/12 5:13:55 PM

1/11/12 3:44:57 AM
dude what is the password??

1/13/12 4:18:51 AM
surveys are crap

1/15/12 2:14:05 AM
the password is : caveira
but the files contains virus,
anjiang, ndak niek ang maagiah doh mah, baruak

1/16/12 3:28:49 AM
I Won Max Engine and Money Max

2/21/12 5:55:30 PM
Whats your problem f###ing bithches you said free download whe you have to do the f###en surveys and your such some big f###ing liars!!!!


3/3/12 10:06:29 PM
Sweet! Social Sims is the Best!Sims Socials Money Hack is HERE.I found a new technique that collects simoleons and social points with no effort, and it's automated so you can collect money overday.
Step 1: Download Hack
Step 2: Open any internet browser and log onto facebook.
Step 3: Open The Sims Social and visit a neighbors house.
Step 4: Walk in front of the shower.
Step 5: Open the file and click run.
Step 6: Watch yourself gain social points and Simoleons fast!!>> <<

3/9/12 2:01:18 PM
plllsss,teach me how to download the sim social on faceboo

3/9/12 10:51:58 PM
I got 2000 Fb Credit from the page bellow.. it really works like a charm.. Try now because tomorrow may be too late...

3/21/12 8:07:39 AM
plz help me

3/21/12 8:08:00 AM
need a licence code, the code that I have is not valid
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