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Forum topic/blog entry started by Pete on 12/13/10 4:11:03 PM (server time).
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Windows Phone 7 OS won't download .cab or .exe files!

Surely this can't be true. I must surely be doing something wrong with my phones security settings or something. The browser on my Windows Phone 7 HTC mobile won't allow me to open .cab or .exe files. It won't even allow me to download these file types. This is a really bad situation, because there are a number of applications that I always install on my mobile phones that run Windows. It means I can't install any applications from websites that I open on the phone!

How can I fix this problem? It surely couldn't be a deliberate action on behalf of Microsoft to stop users from installing any applications except those in their marketplace. That is the only reason I use Windows phones and would never buy an iPhone because it only allows installation of their approved apps. If MS has gone the same way, then there is no point using windows phones anymore. I'll change to Apple or Android phones if Microsoft has deliberately blocked my phones browser from downloading apps from websites of my choosing.

I could hardly believe it when I got the message '.cab files cannot be downloaded' when I wanted to install an application from a website. Surely MS will fix this in their next update, or there is a setting I can change to allow download of .exe and .cab files. If not, I'll never be using a mobile with Windows OS ever again. I've been a staunch supporter of Windows Mobile OS, but no more. If this huge error with their OS isn't fixed within a few weeks I'll be trading in my useless windows 7 HTC Mozart phone for an Android version.

Anyone know anything about this major problem with Windows Phone 7 operating system?
Reply from/

1/28/11 12:50:58 PM
I know exactly what you mean. I have a windows 7 surround phone, one would think it run these files but it doesn't which sucks!! The only way too get through to them is to stop using their product I plan too.


1/30/11 3:48:58 PM
This is very ridiculous.. We have purchased so many applications paying huge amount and if windows phone 7 doesn't support using them, it's really a waste.. If this is the case, then we can use Apple phones it self, which are much more faster, very smooth graphics and are very nice too.. If Microsoft doesn't fix this, then I am 100% sure that Microsoft will loose all their windows phone 7 market very soon.. A huge loss to Phone manufacturers.. I will never buy a Windows phone 7, if this is not fixed..

3/15/11 8:52:19 AM
I know how you are feeling I loved my windows phones and was persistent on getting this HTC HD7 with my husband and now I feel as though I have bought a $500 paperweight. I want to trade it in and will never hear the end of it from my husband. Thanks Microsoft for putting out a useless os you have lost yet another customer to droid. :'(

3/15/11 9:13:02 AM
The only good thing about the HTC Windows 7 phones  is that those new phone models will also accept Android installation so I'm keeping an eye out for images that I can write to HTC phones that will change the OS to android. I'm sure its possible but I just haven't found a good method for converting the phones to Android yet. When I find an easy method of installing the Android OS over a Windows 7 installation I'll post the method here. My girlfriend is very keen to put android on her HTC Windows 7 mozart phone because she is having all sorts of her own problems with it. I was stunned when it stopped me from downloading a .cab file, realising that as MS is going the Apple route and forcing us to only install apps that we download from their marketplace. I've written as few of my own windows mobile apps so there is no way I will continue to use it if I can't even install the apps to windows phones from my own websites like I used to. I won't be getting approval to put my little apps on the MS marketplace just so I am able to install it onto my phone. I've already began learning Android development using Eclipse with the Android SDK, I'm that determined to stay away from windows phone 7 from now on.

I is unbelievable that microsoft would take their OS backwards so much. Windows mobile 5 was better by far than Windows Phone 7. Android 2.2 on my Samsung Galaxy S is just brilliant. Once you've tried it you won't mess with windows phone 7 garbage ever again.

7/27/11 8:16:21 AM
I have a HTC Arrive (Sprint) This is a Windows7 phone, but why can't it install Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile?? Because it is a CAB file... Windows phones is not supporting Windows Software, what's wrong with this??

7/27/11 9:46:08 AM
Boterea, the only way you could install it on garbage windows phone 7 is to get it from the approved marketplace. Which might mean paying a little for it, i'm not sure. I moved to Android and those problems just dont arise at all. Its so much better. I thought i'd use windows mobile for decades to come, but it turned bad with version 7.

No tethering with my PC, which i've been doing for 10 yrs on any phone, so windows 7 has gone backward about 15 years with the new version. Amazingly bad planning from MS. Their worst product ever. Beats windows ME for being a terrible piece of software by a long way. Awesomely bad. I'm so glad Android is available.

8/13/11 11:54:41 PM
i also cheated my self by buying htc7 mozart...i thought i could view my ip camsin the phone,but i couldnt because it vill not opean exe.flies...window 7 OS and htc cheated me...
magesh k

8/19/11 12:57:02 PM
same feeling of wrong selection of HTC 7 Mozart windows 7 which is not supporting .cab or .exe files and no good applications in thier MS market palce and even it is not available to india. really a stupid nature of serving to the customers. Mr.Gates kindly look into this and do the needful or HTC owners stop going with windows and dont spoil your market. i love HTC but now i am frustrated using HTC mozart 7.

9/22/11 10:30:00 AM
I also have a windows phone 7 the HTC Mozart.i can't even download an application on it,and its Bluetooth don't even work,nor does its WiFi,I can't even access my cellular menu,talk about garbage.i hope Microsoft will fix this problem or otherwise they will have to stop making phones.

10/31/11 2:21:06 AM
I also have a windows phone a focus  and cannot get any exe files this is bull crap pls let me know how to fix this

11/1/11 8:29:35 AM
Talk about garbage,the windows 7 is garbage.nor only does it cost a fortune.i received an update on my HTC mozard,it only improves your phone to windows 7.5,and that's all.Microsoft has disappoint me very much,the marketplace don't even work,the phone is useless,in any way,if the phone breaks or gives errors,where are you going to find the necessary parts for any way I would appreciate everyone's feedback
damilola oke

9/24/13 3:30:47 PM
microsoft has really disappointed me,my windows7 phone couldn't open an exe file.what a rubbish! What's the joy of using windows phone if i can't accept all sort of files...going for android soon
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