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Forum topic/blog entry started by ipath on 5/28/2006 11:47:35 (server time).
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how to make homemade fuses

does anyone know how to make a homemade fuse or fuses if so email me at
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6/15/2006 8:25:06

7/19/2006 8:32:53
i wish...

7/21/2006 3:05:54
Get a long piece of string cut it in half and spray paint it green dumbasses mix it together with baking powder and mustard then put it in ice and also put 2 cups of salt,pepper then put in a bowl of water then mix it and put it outside for about 24hours.

10/22/2006 2:44:28
Hey I get to say Dumb Asses!!!
gurl magnet

11/5/2006 4:40:18
hey thats a good idea SexyLove imma try that and C if it work. BUT IF IT DONT U SUCK!!!!

6/14/2007 2:16:05
SLOW BURNING FUSE - 2 inches per minute
Materials needed:
Cotton string or 3 shoelaces
Potassium Nitrate or Potassium Chlorate
Granulated sugar
1. Wash the cotton string or shoelaces in HOT soapy water, then rinse with fresh water
2. Mix the following together in a glass bowl:
1 part potassium nitrate or potassium chlorate
1 part granulated sugar
2 parts hot water
3. Soak strings or shoelaces in this solution
4. Twist/braid 3 strands together and allow them to dry
5. Check the burn rate to see how long it actually takes!!

FAST BURNING FUSE - 40 inches per minute
Materials needed:
Soft cotton string
Fine black powder (empty a few shotgun shells!)
Shallow dish or pan
1. Moisten powder to form a paste.
2. Twist/braid 3 strands of cotton together.
3. Rub paste into string and allow to dry.
4. Check the burn rate!!!
yo mamma

6/15/2007 12:27:39
all u do is take a knife and 10 matches and scape the red stuff off but not the wood. then crush it up and wet it a little. then roll the string in it and let it dry. lol easy.

6/29/2007 11:28:20
I predict one of you will be winning one of my awards shortly...

8/7/2007 10:15:03
Man, I've been looking for ideas on making fast burning fuses for aggeees

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

8/19/2007 11:27:40
hey do any one know how to make a fuse out of someting easy, without powder?

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

8/19/2007 3:34:51
how to make a visco fuse:

get heat shrink tube then fill with some gun powder compact it and thenget a blow torch heat the heat shrink up but be careful not to ignite the powder then your done. light it and put it underwater.

easy to make.

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

11/6/2007 4:29:42
Hey DETER Why Don't You get a life you copied that right from the Jolly Roger you *!$#ing f----t ass, cum guzzling LOSER!!!!!!!!!!

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

1/6/2008 4:58:19
Ok what you need is
a candle
and coffie filter

all you do is cut the coffie filter in to strips and about



that big then have the candle burning and once you have enough wax melted just pour some to the side of the candle and dip.

when you light it you have to leave it burning aka on fire it will burn at a medium pace there you go

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

1/9/2008 10:33:45
KN03 (Potassiom nitrate)

Step 1: Get KN03 and sugar and put it in a little how water and wait untill it dissolves.

Step 2: Put 1 or more napkins in the mix and get all of the napkin wet. Then let it dry for a couple hours

Step 3: Once its dry and krisp cut of a strip however long you want your fuse and about 1\2 inch wide and twist it up and its ready to light

Also you can make a smoke bomb with it!
If you get 1 or more fuse napkins and wrap them tighty into a role and tie it with string or something and light it and it'll make a lot of white smoke

If the fuses or smoke bomb dont work you probly put to much water

If you have any questions just add my myspace and message me :]

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

1/17/2008 12:29:18
or u could just use a *!$#ing sparkler. u retards.

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

2/11/2008 4:01:56
if anyone can make slowish fuses please tell me because i need them so badly.
ha ha

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]
pyro is fun

4/16/2008 3:14:37
mix potassium nitrate with gelled alcohol in a 1/1 ratio, then put it in a syringe and squirt it down a straw. this amkes a waterproof, very very hot fuse that dare i say it might even ignite thermite :O

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]
harry hi pants

4/16/2008 3:17:22
gelled alcohol? you just made that up, didnt you ;)

[Posted from : AUSTRALIA]

6/5/2008 8:51:50
hey dumb asses u could just u kno go buy a f*** fuse.............or if ur poor or underage get a pop can cut it in thin stripsabout yay thin
___________________ and put gun powder in it and roll as tight as u can
and poof and if that dosnt work you can take gunpowder in a jar add water untell u get a thicker or qell like substance and run ur string through it and let dry and there u go. if u have any questions e-mail me at

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

10/13/2008 2:34:41
Elecronic fuses work really well such as those used for model rockets. get em bulk of eb*y or direct from a net supplier cheap as. pro - you dont have to be near the c*nt 2 set it off. con- alot of thick guage speaker wire needed pending on how far away you need be from it (for all those bros dumb/ballzy enough to partake in high order/volatile backyard brews). Alternitavley hook em up to a cheap electronic detonater. can be made from an sh*tty alarm clock running it's speaker wires through a relay (which will boost the current)then take the speaker wires off and hook em up to your fuse. set the time and fubang

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]
Human Oxide

11/25/2008 2:26:01
materials needed:
supply of matches (come in boxes of 1,000 at Walmart about $1.25)
scissors (tough and comfortable you will be cutting Alot)
small 1/2 quart jars ($4-$8)
Wool or string
Instant Cold Packs (drugstore, some say non-poisonous substance some say Ammonium Nitrate)

fill jars 1/2 way with very hot water.

cut 500 matches. (usually 25 match books)

put match heads into water and stir every so often.

Repeat 4-6 times

filter the match heads out.

put all the concoction into a big jar. and let it stand for several hours.

with a syringe (or turkey baster) draw out the red liquid (aqueous solution of red phosphorus)

in separate containers (preferably glass) heat up the liquids. no ovens or microwaves. unless you don't need your hand..

you no have (somewhat impure potassium perchlorate)

cut open the instant cold packs. and pour the white powder onto a plate. (don't puncture the water packet)

add the same amount of the perchlorate and douse with water or alcohol. until pasty.

place wool into paste and get it completely coated. sprinkle string with magnesium or fine aluminum powder to increase heat and sparks

let the wool dry. now you have a slow burning fuse. experiment with different sting sizes.

or TATP and ammonium Nitrate into a rolled up piece of cardboard. put a small resistor and attach a nine volt or 2 heavy duty 6 volts together. TATP is very very very dangerous. i personally singed my forehead and burnt my right shoulder. with less than 5 grams! it is called the Mother of Satan for a reason.

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]

12/20/2008 5:16:15
get kno3 and sugar mix the ratios of 1 part kno3 1 part sugar and 2 parts hot water place 1 or more tisues or napkins in the solution pour of un absorbed mix and let the papper dry once dry cut or tear into strips of any size youd like (difrent widths and lengths give difrent burning times) you can also put it in heat shrink and run it over a flame but be care full no to ignite the paper.

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]
frank johnson

3/26/2009 10:24:06

[Posted from : UNITED STATES]
anti america

4/3/2009 5:39:25
ahhhhhhhhhhh wtf

[Posted from : United States]
Joe mama

4/14/2009 7:44:37
keep postin

[Posted from : United States]
somewhat smart

4/24/2009 2:54:05
i agree with darwin....... i was looking for something simple to ignite firecraackers..... u fags are gonna kill yourselfs

[Posted from : United States]

4/24/2009 10:29:12
haha u guys rock r u all like scientists with no life though???

[Posted from : United States]

7/30/09 12:50:58 PM
If u dont have gun powder or any crazy chemicals this is what u do:

What u need: Pliers, matches, water, string, bowl

What to do: take one match and ur pilers, crush the red part of the match over the bowl. dont get any wood in the powder. Repeat untill the desiered amout is in the bowl. Next put a couple drops of water into the mix. mix it up untill its a slush. To much water is bad. try to put as little water as posible but make sure its wet. Then drop the string into the mix. Stir untill the string is fully covered with the mix.  let to dry over night.  then when its dry its ready to use

If this made no sense at all type "how to make fuse out of matches" into the youtube search bar

8/21/09 1:43:01 PM
Worship the holy ass...

And also an easy way that doesent work too well but if you're looking for the easiest possible way is take fine fine fine fine FINE sandpaper to the very last layer of a napkin so it is super super thin (rolling paper((super thin kind)) may work too) and the twist it very tight and leave about a half inch at the end un twisted and rip it up a little so it is very fluttery and light that. ih, ive tried with a homemade firecracker, takes a couple tries, but youll see how to get it to work if you look at it for a while.

8/30/09 1:53:43 PM
u go to the *!$#ing store and buy some dumb asses

9/2/09 10:48:17 AM
if you are really patient try this:
buy a packet of toy gun caps at a toy shop or somwhere (and if you dont already have some you may want to get some toilet paper)and very very carefuly using apin stab through the back of the plastic a few times do this over the toilet paper so you dont lose any of the powder and dont point the caps at your eye because they may well explode (i know i have fallen victim to them before!)then take the white piece of paper from inside the cap using the pin. When you feel you have enght powder on the paper make sure it is in the middle of the paper and fold r roll the toilet paper so that it is about 1.5 cm wide and however long you want . next grab bothends of th paper and twist and twist and keep twisting until the fuse is very tight now have a fuse ! if you liked my recipe for desaster please email me at
ya mum!

11/10/09 1:19:42 PM
get winter citrus plant fertilizer/food (good sourse of kno3) then some sugar use a small sauce-pan like a really small one add 1 tea spoon of the fertilizer/food and 1 half of tea spoon of sugar (any kind its just a combustible binder) a PINCH of flour and 2 pinches of iron fillings then add a SMALL drop of water then heat on a cooker stove for about 3-4 minutes or until it has melted and no granules are left. stir regularly. then quickly take the lump out the pan and put on a postic note add a piece of cotton soaked in petrol to the middle leave for 5 minutes then light the string and run it will ether explode or expand black glowing sparkling foam rapidly. cool to watch.
your all dumb

11/13/09 9:55:19 AM
you go to a toy shop and buy sparkelers and bend the stick up stick the bottom of the sparkeler into what ever the  *!$# you are making[the  bottom is the part were the  powder gets smaller] :D
ur a dumbass

11/28/09 8:48:23 PM
i just tried this use any spray paint and some string for a fuse that can go quick or slow no sparks fly only a flame is produced when u light it
for it to go slow lay it on the ground
to go fast hang it in the air or have a wet layer of spray paint on it
ya mum !@#$%^&

12/19/09 4:36:48 AM
all of u americans can go shove a bottle up ur asses cause u know (or not) in sum countries fireworks r illegal like australia so u cant go to the store n just buy as much fuse as u like F!@K TARDS

12/19/09 4:37:28 AM
if ur like under age (U-14) or something, just soak a cotton string in a flammable fluid such as; turpentine, petrol, methylated spirits , or wateva flammable liquid u find in ur dads garage.
then light it and usually if its soaked well it will burn properly....unless it has no oxygen.

dont blame me if the liquid gives off a poisonous gas and kills u...except u cant coz u would b dead bahahaha

1/10/10 7:14:16 PM
get a knife put it to your wrists, start cutting and bleed all over some string
it works and glows red...

1/10/10 7:14:29 PM
if none of the $#!T that ppl are saying works just use a sparkler if you have to...

3/19/10 12:39:12 PM
the moron who posted at the top with the mix with all that dumb s**t in it ,your a f****t and if i was closer i would stomp your ass for having a big mouth, b**** ass f****t

3/19/10 1:06:04 PM
Using a sparkler as a fuse is just silly. Those sparks can easily jump to the base of the fuse, where it enters the device, setting it off in your hand. You need to thing about these things before you go doing something so stupid.

The simplest type of fuse is a piece of cotton string soaked in warm water that has heaps of nitrate fertiliser (potassium nitrate fertiliser is best) mixed into it. After soaking for a few minutes, put it out in the sun to dry. There's your fuse. The string will have crystals of potassium and nitrates covering it. I use it for hobby rocket fuses.

The best, and possibly even easier, is using an electronic ignitor i.e.a light globe from a torch. You do realise, that a lightglobe that has a hole ground into the glass bulb is an instant electronic ignitor. Just touch it onto a battery, the wire inside the lightglobe will glow red then burn up. If you don't understand what I've just explained, you don't have the intelligence to make explosives for fun yet. Wait til you're a little older so you don't make a stupid mistake and mess yourself up permanently. Its easy to do if you don't think properly.

Here's a full method of turning a lightglobe into an electronic fuse:

Get a small light globe from a torch or such. Using the socket it came in makes things easier, because you need to join one very long wire to the positive of the globe, and another same length wire to the negative. Once its ready, you should be able to hook it up to a small battery and the globe will light up, so you know your ignitor will work when its ready.

Now, all you need to do to turn it from a light bulb into an ignitor is to get a piece of sandpaper of fine file, and scape the glass of the bulb against it until there is a small hole in the glass. I just scrape the bulb on some smooth concrete to wear a hole in the glass. That's it. You have an electronic ignitor. You can put it straight into your explosive, get behind something solid with the end of the wires that run from the lightbulb ready. Touch them on a battery and boom.

To make sure the burning filament in the lightbulb actually sets of the black powder or whatever type of explosive material you use in the explosive, you can put a little of the explosive material into the lightbulb through the hole you made in it. Just be careful not to break the filament inside, or it won't work. I sometimes put some ground match heads into the bulb, so when the filament ignites, it sparks off the match head material, which in turn sets of the main explosive.

It's all very obvious when you think about it hey. And its much safer than using other types of fuse, because it will only ignite your explosive when you touch the wires onto your small AA or AAA battery. So you can make sure no-one is nearby when you set it off. Nothing worse than lighting a silly unpredictable fuse, hiding behind a tree, then your stupid dog walks up to the explosive as its about to go off, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Do it the safe way. Use the lightbulb method and set your explosives off exactly when you want them to go bang. Much less chance of stuff-ups hey?

Have fun everyone.  

4/16/10 11:41:01 AM
First off, some of you guys are idiots.
You're all just using stupid ideas, like soaking a string or something in flammable liquid. Hello retards!! The wind can easily blow it out, and what if your so called "fuse" Burnt all the way down to whatever you're trying to set off, and burnt out? Then what?? Blow yourself up?
It all depends what you need the fuse for. If you're making a homemade explosive, then just buy a damn fuse, don't risk blowing your idiotic self to bits, or blowing off some limbs and phalanges, or save fuses from fireworks.
If you're using it for a homemade smoke bomb, then it doesn't matter what you use to light it, it wont burn really fast if you made it correctly. Hell, you could even light it with a lighter in your hand. But if you have no confidence in yourself, of making it correctly.. Then why are you doing it in the first place?!?

Very well, now that that's kind of all cleared out of the way.

You can soak some dirt in flammable liquids for a couple days, it'll make a paste that's flammable, and it's hard to burn out. Or you can soak some wood shavings and do the same. As the shavings will keep an ember, so it'll be a bit hard to put out.

If you have black power, one thing you can do to make it thinner... Put a napkin in front of a hammer, and duct tape it on, creating a cushion. And just lightly tap/smash the powder. Don't use water to mix the powder in, I don't know if it'll do anything to the powder, but you're better off using flammable liquid. Like rubbing alcohol, or something. As I made a really good concoction of flammable fuse mixture. I just ground up black powder, poured in some hand sanitizer, put some bulldog(generic after shave), and zippo lighter fluid. It did some separation, and the clear liquid that was on top, burns for a long time. A little drop lasts for about a minute burning. That's a pea sized droplet. The bottom half, which was all the powder, makes great for a fuse. I just stick a little string in it, cover the top and shake for a few seconds. Then I hang the string to dry, the next day I light it, and it burns a fairly decent rate, it's like the green fuses on fireworks. It even gives off the pure smell of black powder. Works like a charm.
da man

4/20/10 3:15:40 PM
not very reliable but take a paper towel, and fold it in half twice, hot dog style. Then make sure it isn't too tight.(works best with m60 fireworks)  light one end and then run away to be somewhere else when it goes off.  the paper towel burns up and becomes ash, and if you are doing this with little m60 fireworks, then when they go off, they tend to blow away the ashes.  I use this all the time to play jokes on my neighbors lol ;)
u fools

4/22/10 7:11:28 PM
cus we all have gun powder don't we?...

4/23/10 9:17:02 AM
to make fire crakers...stuff you need...(toy gun caps,needle,invisible tape,and  1:take the caps and the needle and take out the red stoff inside (becarful not to ignite... 2: than take peace of tape steak the red stoff on the steaky side and pute fuse in the midle...  3:roll it up and put tape on bottom and light it.................. your welcome people have fun im out

5/4/10 12:11:31 PM
sparklers almost took my hand off today, using it to det HMTD i had tape over the cap so the sparks would not fly in and detonate it prematurely, well it didnt work, soon as it was lit i had dirt embedded in my face.  for a cheap REASONABLE solution..... Insense sticks hold up to moderate wind and are fairly safe if the insense is positioned horizontally.  about 2 inches gives about 10 minute delay, test to time it first!.  dont be too excited about checking on it after you think it should have gone off tho to be safe give twice the time that you figured before walking up to your bomb to check fuse

5/30/10 11:53:37 AM
u all say about cant get gun powder. do none of you have utube ?
37.5g potassium nitrate, 7.5 grams softwood charcoal, 5g suphur.  

what does that give u ? gun powder. get a CERAMIC mortar and pestle, and put all the ingredients in and start mashing it all together. 15 minutes work and hey presto gun powder. the more you work it the faster it burns.
store in air tight container.
if u find it is too hard to do, add a tiny amount of alcohol. this of course means u have to wait for it to dry after.
be safe. do it in small amounts. do it out side. wear safety goggles.
a good idea to have a smoke b 4 u mix the stuff coz u wont be smoking while u r making it

6/5/10 1:27:47 PM

6/5/10 1:42:18 PM
... everyone who has fertilizer for their garden will have potassium nitrate in their house. In one form or another, and included with other chemicals sometimes. It's extremely common. Pot ash? Heard of that? Seen it in peoples sheds? I'd say so. Any potassium and nitrogen based fertilizer has it. And that is most fertilizers.

The white line you see after a puddle of rain in the dirt has dried. Seen that? That is potassium nitrate. It's extremely common, and it only takes a high school education to know its chemical notation to look for on bags of fertilizer. You can walk into any shed selling farm chemicals and buy a 10kg bag of it for $25. If you didn't pay attention in high school though, and spent your time trying to be the class clown instead, you won't know it even when you have the bag of chemical right in front of you. Luckily, stupid people will have trouble finding potassium nitrate, so its less likely their stupidity will get someone else hurt. It works out quite well.

7/8/10 8:29:06 AM
Take a sheet of tissue.  Soak it in a potassium nitrate solution and dry it.  Cut into strips about one inch wide. Fold into a v shape and hold one end in say,a vise. Dust with home made black power and then start to twist it gradually into a rope shape until quite tight without breaking.  Dry slowly. You will then have a decent fuse
Yaroub assad

7/8/10 1:23:54 PM
U all rock

7/25/10 9:43:55 AM
Mix 1 tspn KNO3, 1 tspn sugar, and 1 tspn water in a cup. Put tissue in it and when its soaked, take it out and let it dry. When dry, cut a piece and roll up and tada! a fuse!
*You may also use a hair dryer to dry fuse.

8/2/10 2:27:07 PM
soak a kitestring in gasoline let dry for a couple hours outside of direct sunlight works great and easy to make

8/17/10 7:59:34 AM
well i live in victoria and i have no idea were u can get kno3 or which fertiliser it is in. so tell me please.

11/24/10 1:10:26 PM
If you need a fuse and do not want to buy one, then you are doing or thinking something wrong. If you are looking on the internet for directions on how to make a fuse, then you are ignorant, and your intellect is of a high school drop out or worse. Maybe you should all go join the military with your fuse making experties and do something good with your life. Dumb F***s!!!

11/29/10 9:45:47 AM
I've been making fuses for a long time, and having been given a bunch of fireworks at the end of the weekend, I wanted to find a way of making fuses quickly. Many thanks to all for your help. However there's always one(aaa). You shouldn't be so bitter, most people are very understanding once they know your "SPECIAL" and will speak slowly for you so that you can understand them, FYI the matches produce the most reliable mid-rate burn fuses but always test several before use on anything that can take away your eyebrows.
pyro mainiac

12/7/10 9:41:04 AM
haha go to a gun store and steal a few rifle shells and empty them u f---ing retards.

12/15/10 11:38:50 AM

12/15/10 11:39:15 AM
hey Canadians, i live in Canada and i get my kno3 at a hydroponics store for 12 dollars a pound

12/21/10 11:09:06 AM
Gelled alcohal?
Just about everyone has used it at one time or another.

Brand name is "Purell" -it's a hand sanitizer
pacman 47

12/27/10 10:59:50 AM
ok so if you want to make a professional green visco style wick you make a tube ascending to 2 to 3 mm  for a good 6-8 mm long on one side which grows to about a half inch on the other side hard to mold! with a push stick that can fit inside the tube perfectly from one side to the other, From there you will need to make the black-powder to the industrial strength = burn timing you prefer and make it in to a star formula making it moist with rubbing 75-120% alcohol or water "your choice" then fill the tube and squirt out the formula on a piece of waxed paper let it dry then after make a even more liquidly formula and run either thread threw the formula = black-powder formula then place the thread @ about 51-52 degree angle and wrap the dry black-powder to assure it will not fall completely apart before lighting it. Also you can get your self tracing paper and use that to wrap the wet black-powder and shape to diameters to fit your fire works. easy and cheap if you know how to make fireworks or firecrackers. there you go if you can understand and fallow the instructions and use common sense you can make proper fuse. try it and use common sense while making it and you will do great! ill even make a video on how to make a fuse on youtube when I get some more free time. watch for ""how to make a fuse (morphout)" in youtube. Ill be making video's in a few months.
pacman 47

12/27/10 11:00:35 AM
ha-ha! as for the gun shells! buaaaaaha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaa! go make your own black powder! ha-ha if you cant find out the information you realy should not make fire works or even fire crackers! go to bed it's past your bed time young patiwon!

1/18/11 1:16:03 PM
jeez guys let up, asking to make a fuse is no biggy, I know university graduates that wouldnt know how, so shut up aaa.Don't give f*ckwit answers to questions, and hey, pacman 47? You wouldn't be able to rewrite those instructions a little better? No offence but I couldnt really understand the words...

4/2/11 3:30:34 PM
Is you have a pet dog that malts alot! Collect up a lot of hair mix with wayer to make a horrible mixture then get long strips of tin foil, put in the mixture then wrap up like a wire . put in the oven till dried out...

4/24/11 6:13:25 PM
get strip of tape bout 5 inch long an pour gunpowder on till coated then pinch in half and put another strip on top an you have a fuse

5/8/11 11:25:53 AM
Time consuming but works amazing:

Cap gun caps and get the powder out then get a sticky note and cut the sticky side off and fold it in half

get the powder and put it into the crack then fold it up (long way)

light then have fun

Easy way:

get match heads or COLORED sparklers get the powder/ heads outif you use match heads grind to fine powder

Then get a sticky note and then follow the last couple steps from the last tecnique

have fun!

Or if u get the colored sparklers u can empty MOST of the stuff out then use the tube as a fusethis way works best for me
Triple D

6/5/11 4:40:06 PM
If u mean hand sanitizer just say it. I don't care if u want to sound smart, nobody knows what the $&@k "gelled alcohol" is. But thanks for the fuse idea!

6/6/11 9:11:25 AM

7/28/11 7:07:51 PM
i dont have a gun powder so were can i get this powder plzzzzzzzzzzzzz ???

8/14/11 10:43:36 AM
This is an easy make shift fuse all ull need is pure coton, some thin metal string and lighter or torch fluid. Ok ur gonna roll that piece of coton into a thin snake like about 2 inches then rap the metal wire around the coton snake tightly until u reach the end, after that soak it in your fluid quickly then remove and let dry for 20 min. After that your ready to go anytime any day. Tip if u want the flame to go faster loosen the metal wire, to go slower tighten the wire. Also u might want to leave excess wire hanging and coton to tie to the end of the firework.

8/22/11 2:38:17 AM
this is the best way to make a fuse in my opinion. get lyk a box of matches. thn get some sort of container, u culd use a shot glass or the lid of a bottle of deoderent or sumthng else wich is small. thn get a pair of pliers nd crush the red bits of the matches. do this above ur container so all the red stuff falls into it. do this until u hav a fair amount of red stuff in ur container. try to keep the wooden bits out. next, get sumthng tht will easily fit into ur container nd sumthng wich is strong, lyk the bit of a screwdiver wich u hold. now crush the red bits nd grind thm or watevr until u get a fine powder. mix sum water in this until u get a thick paste. thn, get sum strong string (is u want to use normal string thn cut off lyk a metre, fold it nd fold it agen, thn spin it tightly, thn fold it agen nd spin it sum more, thn tie the open end into a knot and straighten it out)drop ur string into the mixture nd leave for about a hor, or until the string has been relly saturated. thn tke it out nd leave it to dry.
dr meat

10/16/11 2:14:10 PM
Yer, well it might be alright for you yanks to go to the store and buy gun powder, fuses etc. Us Aussies cant, as you need a gun license to buy this s***. Aussie pigs and politicians have a tight grip on our balls, especially if you have a drug record.
dr meat

11/24/11 7:07:28 PM
yeh sucks we cant buy black powder in Australia
AN dum

11/24/11 7:10:58 PM
Why dont you just do somthing usfull like make a bomb and lite it and hold it up to your face in sum countries fireworks r illegal like australia so u cant go to the store n just buy as much fuse as u like

11/24/11 11:40:10 PM
trust me guys fireworks and any sort of involvement in pyro even including lighting a simple visco fuse is highly illegal and will take you directly to jail for a long time in my country too. but that doesnt mean that you should give up of your dreams and interests. nor that unavailability of materials. i am making my own gun powder (black powder) with chemicals that i synthesize. you just need to search and read on the net for info and youll find everyday chemicals that can be used to synthesize needed chemicals to make black powder.
your a really lying yourself if you think you can visit a post and learn hot to make anything. i spend 10 years of my life just to learn with what and how can i make potassium nitrate. if your not ready to do that then pyrotechnics is not for you. search for another hobby.
for those aussies here i hear that agriculture stores there sell ammonium nitrate. its a simple procedure to convert it to sodium nitrate with which you can make black powder. check my web page for info

12/6/11 12:41:15 PM
All you do to get a slow burning is get some nail polish and dip string into it then let the string dry.
The Holy Ass

2/8/12 9:55:53 AM
The whole reason this forum is here is so that you dont have to go to the store to buy some,duh.Of course everyone knows they can get fuses at a store,but not everyone can buy fuses,reason being:
1.not old enough to purchase said fuses.
2.its not like there a place to buy fuses in every town/city
3.Some people would just rather make homemade fuses because it cost little to nothing to make,depending on which fuse your looking to make with what items are in your house hold or the dollar store,thats why its called homemade,not storebought.
Also if you dont like people's suggestions,dont post anything at all,just leave the forum cuzz no one want to hear someone bitchy complaints.

3/4/12 8:36:39 PM
Im in Canada, where buying fuse is illegal without a pyrotechnics licence. but I can get gunpowder with my firearms licence. thank you for the ideas
john smith

7/6/12 9:19:22 PM
haha i love how most of the people here swear like 6th graders. Some good ideas though, and for all the people saying to go to the store, people aren't because they are probably making their own explosives and want to say they made everything themselves. and you cant always use sparklers as a wick because the sparks could ignite the explosive before you have time to get away...

7/7/12 12:30:46 PM
john smith thats true. most of the ppl make everything by them self. if you cant imagine that you can make it by your self then you should not think about starting a involvement in any kind of pyrotechnics and explosives.
john smith

7/9/12 7:49:40 AM
yeah i feel whats the point of making stuff if you use pre-made things to build that's not really making something its more like assembling parts

7/9/12 8:02:09 AM
omg john i didnt say that those ppl use premade things. i am making my own KNO3 and my own black powder to make fuses and all the devices even the canisters that i use are my own home made canisters. the lead balls that i use in my ball mill are home made too. so nop we are not just copying stuff thats already made we are artists that try and make things better than they are and on the way learning how others are doing the same stuff. many of the ppl that are hobbyists now will be the next generation of pyro professionals in the future. making your own and testing is a one way to professionalize your hobby.

9/24/12 9:11:58 PM

11/24/12 11:47:16 AM
You are all stupid. If buying fuses or pyrotechnics is illegal in your country then don't do it. It is illegal for a reason. I know that isn't what you want to hear but it's true.

11/24/12 11:50:12 AM
Making fuses isn't illegal anywhere. And if its illegal to buy them, then obviously we need to make them.

11/24/12 8:01:52 PM
Dick it seems your not following the main human moral laws and your telling us about whats legal whats not?
You are right that pyro is illegal for a reason but whats the reason first think. Many things are illegal just so that those guys on top of the pyramid to keep the monopole and to make money. Follow the money my friend and youll get the point.
SPW yup making fuses or lighting one is illegal in my country.
Mick.   UK

6/28/13 11:28:41 AM

Get some 3 or 5 Amp fuse wire, coil a bit around a small nail, remove the coil from the nail (unless your a complete idiot), attach a good length of speaker wire to the ends of the fuse wire, insulate the connections, place the coil in your explosive mixture (carefully), use a battery (a 9 volt pp3 should do) on the other end of the wires, and BOOOOOOM that is all. OK!

6/28/13 2:19:08 PM
mick we are talking about fuses here not electrical ignition i agree with you tho
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