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Forum topic/blog entry started by Brett L on 1/30/2004 1:35:42 (server time).
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Home made fireworks

Anyone out there know how to make fireworks at home with cheap and easily found ingredients?
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2/2/2004 9:41:43
This might not be what you are looking for, but it's interesting anyway. Tying one of those steel wool dish cleaners to a string or wire, lighting it and swinging it around real fast makes a cool light show.

Got to be careful of little bits of burning metal landing on you though, so keep everyone back if you try it.
da bomber

2/28/2004 9:43:02
All u need to do is to go into a local walmart or gun store and buy some muzzle loading propellent. at walmart it cost about $6 to $12.Then go to www.united nuclear . com and buy some tubes and fuse. Some times u can find some kind of paper tube around the house but if u want to use one u find around the house make sure the paper is layerd 1/8 th of a inch thick. if u get it from united nuclear then they will tell u how to make it. with the home tube u will need some fuse which u can buy at www.cannon fuse .com. at the middle of the tube pierce a hole throug the tude on one side into  not through the other side.then use hot glue and glue a piece of round cardbord into the tube about 1/3 of a inch down. then set the tube upright and fill the side with the carbord with wood glue.. the card board and hot glue will keep the glue from running down the inside of the tube. now wait for a day until it dries. this dried glue will act as a plug. now take about a 1 inch long fuse and insert it into the hole in the middle halfway through the tube.use a little bit of wood glue to glue the fuse in fill the the tube with the muzzle loading propellent and leave a 1/2 inch of sapce in the tube. now u will take another piece of round cardboard of any kind and hot glue it into the remainding space and at the same time compact the powder inside. then u will fill in the left over space with wood glue and set it up until the glue dries completely . u have a finished homemade bomd. this will work for many different sizes of tube. it will take bout4 days for it to completely drie so if u wait that time it will be guarented that it will blow up and not just blow out the plugs.

3/10/2004 6:50:20
Hehe...sounds more like home demolition than a home experiment.

Nice one though.  Some good stuff can be made using fertilizer(Nitro phosphate which you can get big bags of from gardening stores) and sugar.  Mixing the two can have a heap of uses.  An old trick is to mix half and half and pour it into an ashtray somewhere.  It looks like the sand they normally use. But when a cigarette hits it the stuff ignites and makes a great smoke bomb.  Pity they don't put ashtrays like that in elevators any more. Mixing a little diesel with it makes even more smoke. Enough to clear a building.

Also, heating 1/3 sugar and 2/3 nitrophosphate slowly (like toffee) in a saucepan will melt it and make solid rocket fuel. Pour the runny product into a tube with heat-resistant nozzle and you've got a decent rocket. You can make a fuse out of the fertilizer and piece of string too. Just mix as few tablespoons of the nitrophosphate with a little water in a saucepan and heat. Put in your pieces of twine and let them absorb the mixture. Take them out and let them dry and you'll have reliable fuses whenever you need them.

Mixing some of your stuff, da bomber, with mine could produce something interesting. My next rocket might have an explosive head.  Definitely something to take out to the middle of nowhere to test though. Could be bloody dangerous to anyone firing it or standing nearby. A shotgun primer at the head of the missile with a nail sitting against it should make it work as an impact explosive.

3/11/2004 12:48:52
Sorry, the fertilizer is labelled potassium nitrate, not nitrophosphate. Don't know why I always get the two confused.

3/16/2004 5:00:42
thsnks for the help

3/16/2004 5:07:39
go to fireworks king shop in nsw and buy then let off

3/23/2004 11:14:55
hi to all

3/23/2004 11:20:40
hey all you need to do is to look on google and you will be able to find anything on there. you have you usaul sparkler bombs which just involvese getting a film canister form a photo camera. break up about 14 splarklers and get the silver stuff that was on it and empty it into the container. then put a hole in the lid big enough for one of the spare sparkler to fit in. put the lid back on and then put the sparkler inside it. then go somewhere and light it. you can make it bigger by putting more in it and in a bigger container shaving off copper pipes make green flames. hope i helped you i have been looking for ages for a decent homade recipe but have never been able to find one

3/27/2004 5:32:04
U ppl have gtreat ideas thanks a tons!
merky g

3/31/2004 2:59:55
how do u make sparkler bombs

4/1/2004 2:49:10
hey check this out.Get a whole bunch of fireworks at the store and put the powder in any ol contanier and stick a fuse in it and see wat happens!If it is really cool make sure the tell us ight.

4/5/2004 10:47:40
to make a spakler bomb get sparklers cranch them up onto foil, rape the foil into a ball and put a full sparkler up the end of it and light in and get away from it.
if u want to make it go "bang" put a soda capsule in with the spaklers light it and run really fucken fast because the capsule fires out like a bullet.


4/7/2004 9:10:32
put 5 m80's in a 55 gal drum and rum your ass off

4/7/2004 10:20:10
u get heaps of packets of sparklers and then you marscin tape and get a bunch of about 100 sparklers and put mascin tape around them and put one sticking out and then u lit it and fuken run away and watch it.
:}[.,;/;/.]sparklers go every where up in the air like a flair but realy hi!!!

4/7/2004 10:22:56
how do you make sparkler bombs out of sparklers

4/13/2004 6:49:26
you crushem all up

4/18/2004 2:33:26
for all you people that live in know that fireworks that go bang and fly are "no,no's".What you do is get three boxes of picalo peats ,take the stand off of them and hammer the end of them. flip them so that the part that the stand was on is in the air. Get the sparkler sticks and tape 3 of them together. get the upsidedown picalo peat and tape it to the sticks still faceing upside down. put the #$@@%& thing in a bottle and run your ass off and duck for cover. the #$@@%& thing should go up in the air and pop about 30 feet in the air . Get under a car or something because a bunch of #$@@%& flameing hot sparks will burn yo ass and that shit hella hurts to.

4/19/2004 10:55:29
ok take a easer egg " plastic "and put sugar in half of the egg and fritilizer in the other frist soak the fritilizer in w d 40 and the shut the egg and tape it closed with eletric tape drill a hole in the top and put in a fuse and run like hell.
" try in a nosie place and pray no one sees the smoke
blow em up

4/22/2004 9:41:33
does any1 know how to make a firework/bomb outta normal hose hold stuff. thats i could grab and have a shit load of fun

4/22/2004 11:15:37
take a ton of the paper rolled spakler's pour um all on a paper towel tape off the end and then light the top and stand back a bit the thing lights off in a blind ing light so its good for throwing at people

5/14/2004 9:17:09

5/17/2004 6:35:40
i s__t my pants

5/17/2004 6:37:04
these things suck i burned my eyebrows off

5/23/2004 2:07:45
how do you make an m80?

7/8/2004 3:22:12
These are instructions to build your own M-80 and M-100, but I don't think that it is a good idea to build these things at your house since some of the mixtures can be very unstable and sensitive to impact. On the plus side the outcome to a successfully built M-80 or M-100 is a big pay off when lit.


Run a small amount of Elmer's glue

around the side of an end plug or the

inside edge of the paper tube.  Insert

the end plug, convex side first, into

the paper tube. Push it in until the

back edge of the plug is flush with

the edge of the paper tube.


Using a 1/8 inch drill bit, an ice

pick or a sharp nail, punch a hole

through one side of the paper tube in

the middle. NEVER puncture a case that

contains flash powder. The paper tube

should always be fused before the

flash powder is added. Cut the fuse to

1 1/2 inches in length and insert it

into the hole at least halfway across

the inside diameter of the paper tube.

Run a small amount of Elmer's glue

around the fuse and let it dry.


Extreme caution should be used when

mixing flash powder. Flash powder is

extremely dangerous and explodes with

great force. Avoid all sources of

friction, impact, flame, sparks and

static electricity.


Stand the paper tubes on end, open end

up. Using a small funnel and a

measuring spoon 1/2 teaspoon, fill the

paper tubes 1/2 to 2/3 full. Do not

fill the tubes completely full or pack

in the flash powder. By leaving an air

space there is room for the flash

powder to expand when ignited which

will produce a much louder explosion.


Plug the open end in the same way that

you plugged the first end.



1. One paper tube, 1/2 inch inside

diameter, 1/16 inch wall thickness,

1 1/2 inches long.

2. Two paper end plugs 1/2 inch

outside diameter, 1/16 inch paper


3. One 3/32 diameter water proof fuse

about 1 1/2 inches long.

4. 1/2 teaspoon of flash powder.

5. 10 drops of Elmer's glue.

     __   ___________   __

end     |       o       |   end

plug  __|  ___________  |__ plug

          fuse ^ hole



        |M80 or M100 |




1. One paper tube, 5/8 inch inside

diameter, 1 3/4 inch long

2. Two paper end plugs 5/8 inch

outside diameter.

3. One water proof fuse about 1 1/2

inches long.

4. 1 1/2 teaspoons of flash powder.

5. 10 drops of Elmer's glue



Most of the chemicals you need are

sold at K-mart, hardware stores, drug

stores, lumber yards, plumbing supply,

Wall-mart, cement company and many

other stores.

Sodium Chlorate. O2 solid oxygen

pellets are used in small work shop


Potassium Nitrate. Sold by most drug

stores in 4 ounce bottles. Also sold

by farmers co-op supply stores.

Sulfur. Sold by farmers co-op, drug

stores and lawn and garden centers.

Aluminum Powder. Sold by paint stores

and auto parts stores. Aluminum powder

can be found in radiator stop leak.

Sodium Nitrate. Sold by drug stores

and meat packing plants.

Antimony Sulfide. Is sold by most

plumbing supply stores.

Potassium Permanganate. It is used

for water treatment. Check you phone

book for water treatment equipment

and supplies.

Ammonium Nitrate. Can be bought from

any farmers co-op or lawn and garden


Red Phosphorus. The white tip on wooden

kitchen matches contains red phosphorus

Check your phone book yellow pages for

industrial chemical supplies, they will

usually have most of these chemicals.

When you call, tell them you are with

a beginning rock band and want it for

some special effects on stage. They

will fall for that every time...

sorry for the text drawings and hope you guys have some fun with these mixtures.
                      -Gang$ta $murf
p.s. thanks for the ideas.

7/8/2004 10:50:31
i make these all the time first get som whisling bottle rocket or whistling fountains take the stuff out (i usually cut the paper then grind the stuff out with a screw driver make sure its a fine power)the take those disco flashers or
what ever you call them youve seen them the flash really bright then take the filler ie magnesium powder or if you dont want to by those you can go to skylighter .com and buy it all by itself then combind these and putthem in a film canister or pill bottle and pour the mixture into that then take some clay and pack it down then buy som fuse or use the fuse from the fireworks and stick it through the clay ligt it get a way because if you use that soft clay it melts and slings hot liquid on you it happened to me once
sik piro

7/17/2004 10:08:57
dis iz a mad sparkler bomb. u get a tennis ball, make a hole the size of your finger in diameter in the top of the ball, crush up 2 and a half packets of 16 sparklers into a really fine powder, get a funell or role up paper into a cone shape, and pore the sparkler powder inside. When you have done that, also add 30 match heads, steel wool which you use to wash ya dishes with, and for a great finishing touch, buy party poppers from the supermarket, open them up and take out the small explosive from inside. Fro a great effect, get some shavings from a copper pipe by filing it. This gives it a sweet green colour.
sik piro

7/17/2004 10:13:26
n thanx for da sik ideaz

7/18/2004 2:03:55
homade firecracker<2 leter bottle (plastic)>THE WORKS Shower & Toilet cleaner dont get the green kind get the blue labeled type> Foil< do not throw!> make strands of foil and stik them in the 2 leter bottle>then u pour the Shower cleaner in it,close the cap then get realy far bak it will prolly be a 10 min delay for the chemicles 2 react >IT WILL NOT FLASH BUT IT WILL BE LOUD!!> do not get close once u have poured the liquid because when it blows it will blow acid all over the place so DO NOT GET CLOSE realy loud tho>the more foil & liquid the more explosion.

7/23/2004 5:37:59
I would hesitate to trust some of you guys with string, judging by your grammar.  Graduate high school before you try to blow your fingers off...  fire isn't going anywhere, so you can afford to wait.

7/24/2004 3:42:07
I agree BloodNOil, but I'm sure almost everyone who uses discussion forums like this don't will know not to take anything posted as gospel though.

There's some good ideas here but if someone wanted to try making any of the stuff they'd just use the information here to do a search on the internet for a more professional explaination of how to put these types of fireworks together.

8/7/2004 3:36:34
man u are fukn pussies BloodNOil and bart. if u dunt like the shit soo much fuck off, and out of curiosity, if u are "all against it" n shit baging us cos we "can't spell properly" how did u get onto the site? only people who are into it go to the sites n shit. So how bout YOU go back to skool ya fuking godie 2 shoes b4 i make a fire cracker just for u and fuking blast u to were u came from
sic piro

8/7/2004 9:28:14
hey every one!!!!! once again i am here to talk about the amazing sparkler bomb, and an easier way to make them
i decided to not crush the powder of the sparklers up and just leave them as they are, get about 15 packets of 16 sparklers or more. i am saving up for 40 packetts which will be great.
Take them straight out of the packet and bundle them all together. Tape all outside showing sparklers with electrical tape 3 times until u cant see any of the grey stuff. also tape the top to avoid it blowing up on yall. get the metal sticking ouit of the bottom and stick it into the ground very secure. after you have lighted it, stand back because it burns straight through the electrical tape in a quarter of a second and it travels sideways aswell as up, so stand wayyy back because it nearly got me and thank god i had green grass.
because it covered the diameter hahahahahahahaha.
the advice i got 4 u iz to have asmany sparklers in there az possible cos its a great watch. and it saves alot of that sgit time crushing up the powder.
get bak to me fellaz and tell me how ya went. i guarintee u will like it. and if you could, can you tell me how to make sumthing like a spatrkler bomb which you buy the materials from the shops. because i dunt like the idea of all these chemicals. so it anione has a bomb for me that wud be great. peace

9/6/2004 1:35:36
thats not how u make a spakler bomb wat u do is u get two bottle tops/caps scrap all the sparkler dust into one of the caps then put a hole in the other one(big enough to put a spaler through) put it together with tape put cut the wire of the end of the spakler and put it in da hole in da cape lite it and run away and the watch it its mad as i love it if u wanna know more e-mail me at

9/26/2004 3:19:28
all dumb asses go buy a gun
sik piro

9/28/2004 6:59:33
yeah wateva laura, if dats wat u think a sparkler is bout...pft!
mine goes bigger den my house, urs would struggle to reach your ankles. fukn u try my one everyone den try hers, tell me what ones da biggest.

10/8/2004 8:46:12
what the hell are picolo peats

10/18/2004 3:51:42
Co2 bombs are a really cool one to make what you do is buy a pack of little co2 canisters from your local walmart emty one with a co2 powered bb gun or something take a drill and drill a hole big enough for a wick (cannon fuse about 5") make a funnle out of paper fill it up with gun powder, light it and run like hell. i put mine in one of those big cinder blocks and it blew it to peices and it is realy loud my favorite one.

11/14/2004 11:10:46
wtf ppl sparkler dust in GUN POWDER

11/23/2004 7:52:51
i do not understand your fanstys talk please dumb it down a little

1/20/2005 1:09:16
Ok you mite tink dat dis is weird but it isnt ok get a dry brick brick & on 1 of the flat long sides spray alot of EXTREMELY flamable gas on it (I recomend deodorant)& then pour alot of sparkler dust on the deodorant until you cant see that side of the brick & then light it & run away about 10 to 15 metres away HAV FUN

1/24/2005 4:27:10
In case any of you were wondering why your pyrotechnics weren't doing anything other than emitting smoke and 'hissing':

way up there by the top "da bomber" gave us an incredibly time consuming method for making a black-powder device.  He misinterpreted (sp) at least one part of the recipe and this device will probably fail to ignite. Maybe it'll make enough pressure to blow the glue and cardboard out the ends and provide a low "thud" and a nifty (shroom cloud-like) roll of smoke.

Then, skipping down to Gang$ta$murf's "how to make your own M-80,100"...  sigh...  no.. the white tip on kitchen matches (strike-on-box or strike-anywhere) does not contain red phosphorous. They stopped that back in the old days because people were dropping dead (toxic fumes inhaled when lighting cigarretes). Enter the designs we know and love today (ie. the safety-match).  I believe it's called something like Semi-susquiphosphorus  but I dont remember.

And if any of you kids mess with that "CO2 bomb" crapola (assuming you get lucky with your ratios and grain) you're going to kill someone or yourself with shrapnel.

much of this stuff is so backwardly twistcombobulated that it takes the fun out of it anyway.  One post may be about making or procuring a propellant, and then 5 posts later someone provides instructions for making a firecracker from a co2 cartridge (which of course IS a propellant... and if dropped down a tube with a nail at the bottom...THOOOMP... voila it's a mortar sans explosive delivery.) I'm not about to provide plans for home-brew artillery to middle-school America, though, sorry.

BTW a co2 bomb is a two-liter container and a chunk or two of dry-ice. Squeeze it a little before you cap it or it'll go off too soon and break your fingers. Put it in a garbage can so nobody gets hurt (dry ice and the bottle cap/top will be in the shrapnel). quickly retire.

heh... I always liked that phrase... "light and quickly retire"

1/27/2005 10:44:09
pple of the underworld does any1 no how to make napalm explode all that happends when we try is a tiny flame ball we require at least car demolition

1/30/2005 3:29:02
I don't know about napalm, but a molotov cocktail with heaps of polystyrene beads mixed with the fuel will burn for a long time and will destroy a car. It sticks and burns longer and will climb surfaces so its way better than using straight petrol.

2/27/2005 11:22:56
who knows how to make a plain ole shmane old stick of dynamite?

2/27/2005 11:25:03
by the way Gav, can u be just be a tad more descriptive on the molotov cocktale you speak of?.... thank

2/27/2005 12:54:08
does anyone know about any sites that can show me how to make dynamite and napalm in a proffessional manner except united nuclear?
crazy man

2/27/2005 4:59:57
i like thing that go boom

3/6/2005 3:18:04
I have heard of one way to make napalm was to soak a piece of styrofoam in a bucket of gasoline overnight. When you awake the next morning, stir the mixture so that it is a nice gel consistency. Dip something in it(such as a tennis ball) light, and stand back.....the stuff burns for hours and will not come off if you have some light on you, you're screwed.

3/6/2005 9:45:24
i made my house blow up

3/6/2005 9:46:30
someone reply

3/10/2005 11:55:18
a molotov coctail is a whisky bottle with a a wiskey soaked rag in it, which when ignited and thrown breaks and covers the area in whiskey, which is ignigted by the burning rag. it only makes fire, no explosions :( sorry

3/10/2005 2:24:16
TORPEDO!!!!!you can make a torpedo out of any wistle firework like a piccolo pete! Just take the base off and light it and put it under a large water source and it will burn for a long time propeling the object a long distance!
(Firework must be oxidized to burn under water)HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mickey Mouse

3/11/2005 8:13:51
that shit is crazy if you ask me. I burnned down a house before and it sucked! you know why? it was my own house trying one of these stupid things out! Next time i try it im going to someone elses house! HAHAHAH Love what everyone says though. Thanks for the awsome tips guys and girls
Loser Killer

3/12/2005 10:48:15
Hey Austin,

I tryed the Co2 bomb- absolutly fanominal!  I was so impressed that I am now selling them to people who liked what they saw.  And to all you other people, you have to try this- it is so much fun to watch go off!
Loser Killer

3/12/2005 10:51:30
If you would like to try the CO2 bomb then just take the 12g (small) CO2 cartriges and fill them with gun powder-(NO. 2 recomended), then stick a cannon wick in them and run like hell!
Loser Killer

3/12/2005 10:56:14
I NEED HELP NOW!         Can someone give me advice on how to fill extremly small holes-(like wick or fuse sized) with gun powder more quickly? It is so frustrating doing it slowly!

3/13/2005 11:15:28
Hey losr killer great ideas- they r fun to make but it does take to long, so selling them is not as easy as i thought.
boom boom

3/17/2005 7:12:54
a simple smoke bomb to make get a ping pong ball rap it in tin foll and light the bottem and run.

3/18/2005 9:37:59
lol go to a gunshop and get some black powder for muzzle loading guns. Then some fuse off a site like cannon manea or something like that. Then find some 12gram co2 canister and you got a recipe with endless fun!(Shoots like a bullet so light it off in a pit or something like that)
Ow ya did I mention to run the hell away after lighting. Ya

3/18/2005 9:48:35
Its scary how easy it is to make homemade bombs or remotly opperated ones with simple knowledge. (R/C cars have a tranmiter and reciever) all you have to do is find something that will light the fuse.

4/9/2005 9:58:55
hey im a newbie how do we make  fireworks cause im really stmped on this on plz reply

4/10/2005 11:49:14
does anyone know how to make a smoke bomb

4/11/2005 7:09:55
this ones doesnt explode but its fun you take a tennis ball poke a hole in it and fill it with lighter fluid until the thing is just drenched. then you stick a sparkler in the hole and light it. when the ball is completly in flames you can step on it and it will spew flames out of the hole.

4/11/2005 2:37:01
To make a picalo pete bomb (which are sold at target) take any old ordinary 21 ounce pop bottle and drill a hole in the cap. Take the picalo pete and get all of the "white" powder out and pour it in the pop bottle. Take a fuse from any fire work and tape it half way in the cap so that half in sticking in the bottle, and half is sticking out. screw on the cap and then light the fuse. the fuse will drop into the powder and explode really loud. dont throw it tho. just stand it up normally.

4/11/2005 2:40:21
if ne1 makes one of these and are impressed....   e-mail me at   (or if u have n e questions

4/12/2005 5:08:58
how do you put colour in home made sparklar bombs?

4/12/2005 5:09:46
does copper wire do the job if so how much to put in?

4/12/2005 5:22:36
how do u make a simpel fire cracker with house hold items i need to know now

4/12/2005 8:15:00
this is for pulumpa look at this one above


7/18/2004 2:03:55

The Bosnian

4/14/2005 12:24:51
wat all u guys need is a homemade granade!
all u need is

1.  3 boltheads
2.  2 pieces of metel with a thread around it
3.  10 match heads or 20 if u want to get nasty!
4.  twist 1 bolt on the end of each metal rod and twist the final bolt half way onto 1 of the 2 rods. this should make a small cup.
5.  shave the 10 match heads and place the heads into the bolt that is half way screwed. then gentaly screw the other rod into the cup of the bolt. (DO NOT use any type of tools or matchinery to construct this)
6.  now u should have a high powerd bolt granade.

when u throw this device make sure that u throw it a good 30 meters away form u because when it makes connection with the ground ( hard serface is needed) it will explode throwing hundreds of pieces of shrapnal at a wopping 3and a half thousand feet per second.

u should also duck for cover or some form of thick shield like a wall or a car.

when i did this with my cuz w made one with 45 match heads and when it hit the ground it sent 1 piece of shrapnall flying threw the air and going strait threw a roller door and a brick fence so please be careful. remember that this shrapnall travels faster than a high powerd rifel bullet!

have fun!!!

4/14/2005 5:47:23
how do u make a simpel fire craker with every day items

4/14/2005 6:02:10

1) Reusable cracker

The reusable cracker is built using a brass pipe with screw thread on both ends. This kind of brass pipes are used for mounting
electronic components (e.g. transformers; circuit boards).
The construction is simple: close one end of the pipe using a short bolt that fits (M4 in my case)
Take a nail which is long enough to reach the bolt (see picture below).
Scrape off the heads of 10-20 matches; make sure you do not use the wood!, only the pure brown/red stuff.
Put the scraped off match heads in the brass pipe and gently compress it with a match stick (you should have plenty by now)

Now go outside and place the brass pipe on a hard surface and insert the nail (without any force)
To detonate the cracker, drop a brick on the nail, or hit it with a large piece of wood.
Be careful: the bang may be much louder than you expect; I advise the person who detonates it to use some ear protection

2) Hand grenade

This construction is not as loud as the Reusable cracker, but it detonates when you throw it on a hard surface!
To build it, you need two large (M8-M10) and long (about 10cm) bolts and one matching nut (no, not you)

Put one of the bolts on a table and screw on the nut to about one quarter.
Scrape off the heads of about 10 matches and poor this stuff in the nut (see picture below)
Now screw in the other bolt and gently tighten it by hand Do not use tools here

To detonate your hand greande, throw it away in a turning motion. Make sure one of the bolt-ends hits a hard surface
which is not too close to you. The match head powder is compressed and will detonate.
When it detonates, often one of the bolts is launched!

4/15/2005 7:58:45
this is a good one, its easy to make, the only problem is finding the need calcium nitrate and chorate. all you do is fill up a bottel with them and plug up the bottle. you jut throw the bottle(make shure its glass or something that will break) at the ground. it will explode on impact so you might want to throw it far and have a sheild, but its frekin awsome!
Loser Killer

4/16/2005 1:55:18
You guys have some of the best ideas, but- the only problem is that most of these do take chemicals that are not usually kept at home, which in my mind makes them a little too extream for just being homemade. a lot of people that come here are looking for things that are very simple to make- people who want a good show for cheap.  
I am not trying to be mean i just think this place is starting to drift away from simple homemade things, and scott- you really need to quit, it's not cool. Start your own forum or something!

- Thanks
Loser Killer

4/16/2005 2:07:48
Hey, any ideas on how to fill a small hole (like wick or fuse sized) with gun powder? plz tell.

4/16/2005 2:20:59
has anyone try to make a tennis ball bomb before?

If not what you do is get a shit load of the strike anywhere matches and cut off all the tips then you take a tennis ball and make a small cut in it and then you stuff the ball full of the tips of the matches making sure you have it packed tight with the tips and then you just have to throw it at ssomething really hard.

4/24/2005 12:29:19
i got a way to make a not so shabby sparkler bomb, go to coles or somewhere they usually sell the strait sparklers i seen them for a pack of 25 for 99 cents get about i dunno 9 or 10 packets sum for spares then get a ckoke can cut the very top off it i simply knife or saw will do this then take off all th sparkler powder stuff of the wire put it in the coke can ... dont be a pussy fill it all the way to the top and keep one sparkler for the fuse and well light it and stand about 3-7 metres back .. o and make sure u do it where there isnt any trees or grass this thing catches fire like all sparkler bombs ... there is a wossier way to do it just use 2 coke bottle lids and well u'll work out the rest :P have fun

4/24/2005 7:54:20
whats the best thing to make a wick out of

4/24/2005 3:38:43
spose the cheapest is cutting the top off a sparkler dunno if it'll work wit big time explosives

4/25/2005 1:34:21
Can someone tell me how to make an M-80

4/27/2005 10:43:33
if you want something really good read this.
its a little n the expensive side (80 bucks or so) and its called calcium carbide. it comes in a tin and doesnt reqquire alot for a really loud noise.
you can order it online and it is legal everywhere. all you have to do is put a teaspoon or so of the stuff and mix it with a little water in an empty bleach bottle. then you wait about ten seconds and you lite the fuse and run like hell.
forgot to tell you you have to drill a hole in the cap and put a fuse in it.
this shit is seriously fun.
hope you try it.

4/28/2005 8:45:54
hey everyone...i need to make some flask powder and the chemicals are kinda hard to find...sooo u can see i have a problem, i need just 3 chemicals for ni...POTASSIUM PERCHOLRATE../..POTASSIUM NITRATE../.. AND ALUMINUM POWDER (German Dark)
i live in canada...i also need to get "visco" safty canon fuse...
thanks for your help...l8er


4/28/2005 8:50:30
oh..i need pure everything...with nice mesh oh i need flash powder...not flask

4/28/2005 1:55:57
to make a cool sparkler bomb get about 200 sparklers duct tape them up in a ball with one sticking out the top light,run
demolition man

4/29/2005 12:08:12
how do you make nitroglycerne

5/2/2005 12:48:20
hey my name is Ryan and im 14 years old im abit a a fire bug and love bombs u should see my scars i wanna no how can i make a bomb any kind. but ya see i hav none of that wiked powder flamible shit or anything coz im only 14 help me out on how to make somthing witha bang plz!.

5/4/2005 9:24:58
co2 bombs are so SWEET and dont worry about shrapnel me and my friend just threw it up into the forest behind some trees and shrubs.  But the shrapnel might get you if you can still see the co2 bottle, just make sure it is out of site it is an awsome bomb.
f__k you all

5/4/2005 5:26:01
? you retard they called soda bombs
and its easy to make
first u need soda bulb then u get a sparkler and wrap it around the tip of it and pull the sparker rod up, then get 15 sparkers crush them up and place them in a small piece of foil in the middle and then u place the soda bulb in middle of the crush sparklers and then tightly wrap the foil around it all.

then light it and run the fuck away


5/6/2005 9:35:50
dude im new how the f_k do u make ne thing that explodes huge for not alot of money and easy 2 get?

5/8/2005 4:16:05
How to make an Implosion Bomb

Half pound of sugar
Full can of Drano
Hydrogen Peroxide
Add one quart of water and heat mixture
Do the Hockey Pockey and turn your self around
.........and that's what it's all about

ARE YOU NUTS.........I DON'T TELL LEPTONS HOW TO BLOW OR MAME THEMSELVES...but this mixture might clean out a sink really nice!

5/8/2005 4:17:56
You could make a really nice weed eating material with the DRANO.......
Loser Killer

5/12/2005 5:29:49
You guys have some of the best ideas, but- the only problem is that most of these do take chemicals that are not usually kept at home, which in my mind makes them a little too extream for just being homemade. a lot of people that come here are looking for things that are very simple to make- people who want a good show for cheap.  
I am not trying to be mean i just think this place is starting to drift away from simple homemade things, and scott- you really need to quit, it's not cool. Start your own forum or something!

- Thanks
big bomb123

5/14/2005 11:42:11
i kno how 2 make a chery bomb
big bomb123

5/14/2005 11:44:55
all u do is get 2 bottle caps put gunpowder and or flash powder in 1 glue them 2 gether put in a fuse in the top light and run like hell it makes a mushroom cloud

6/2/2005 10:18:23
Man u kunts r the sikkest farkkk..i wanna learn how to do this s__t..plz add me and teach me.. i have a lot of qstns. u legends!! thanx guyz..

6/3/2005 2:41:28
hi dudes man you have cool ideas

6/4/2005 4:07:19
if any of you guys come across a cannon that is used for a pencil sharpener and get the idea to put gunpowder in it and turn it into a real cannon...

6/9/2005 7:05:28
Yo to make a simple little flash explosive take a chlorine tablet you get from walmart and brake fluid. Get only a littel chip of the chlorine tablet, a very little piece, grind it or not dosent matter and put about a teaspoon of break fluid on it. the more the ingrediants, the higher the flame goes, reply back and tell me what you think of it?  
sick ass mo-fo

6/10/2005 12:45:49
you like to make things go boom?
what you need: gun powder
2.a small CO2 cartrige
3.a drill
4.a good sized fuze

how to build it:
1.make sure that the CO2 cartrige is empty.
2.use your drill and make a good sized hole in the top so you can load the powder.
3.once you have drilled the hole let the cartrige cool down and then start to fill with powder.
4.fill about half way or more. fuse in hole.
6.find a well wooded area to fire your bomb. bomb sitting right side up (or fuse pointing up in the air).
8.light it and go to the closest and the thickest tree you can find.
9.if done correctly you will hear a large explotion.
((((WARNING!)))) if you get the urge to hold the bomb in your hand and throw it here's an idea, DON'T!!!

6/10/2005 3:34:00
Hey I was wondering if anyone had a good suggestuion of how to plug up the ends of  fireworks that you make.  I have tried several things but nothing has worked

6/11/2005 7:39:01
dude, i tried the cherry bomb one with the bottle caps, and it dosent work, it just flared out the sides and the top, no explosion or anything, can anyone tell me what i might have done wrong?

6/12/2005 3:29:46
i need to no wat i can make with matches and sparklers and shit... no nitogen peroxide or watever.

6/13/2005 4:55:45
If you want to send one of your old toys sky high this is what u do.

O.K I know this has nothing to do with homemade explosives just listen go buy a big rocket that can pick up a least 3 pounds. After that take some duck tape & send him sky high


6/14/2005 10:33:52
if you want to BLOW A CAR UP simply put potasium nitrate in some ones gas tank. fun

6/15/2005 2:25:58
put sweetcorn under flame and will set a light

6/15/2005 5:57:19
Want something that makes a loud noise. First take a 2 liter bottle. Then take some tin foil. Then you need the works toilet bowl cleaner it's the blue stuff. The fill the 2 liter a little less than half full with the works. Then put a good size of tin foil in it. Close the bottle with the cover then shake it and set it down and run.
fireworks rock

6/15/2005 4:19:17
how do u make fire works crackers can u sen all ur iders to i really wont to no how i love fire works but they are very hard to get in my area or u can just post them on this web site thanks. guys and girls

6/17/2005 3:27:48
i want something that is auctually homemaid with ingredints that ARE FOUND IN THE HOME

chevy pyro

6/18/2005 12:15:50
go to the gas station buy a milk jug full of gas, get some news paper or some kind of paper, put the paper in the jug light the paper, stick your in betweenyou legs andkiss your ass goodbye
chevy pyro

6/18/2005 5:55:36
stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass good bye*

6/18/2005 6:44:56
gee thx alot.....

6/18/2005 3:15:38
wat ever i thought u all were really smart at home made stuff but guess not if u won't even tell me 1 thing i want to know
chevy pyro        me

6/18/2005 3:16:47
hey chevy kiss my ass

6/18/2005 3:18:07

6/18/2005 6:38:10
im into smoke bombs and anything that u can make out of ordinary house products so if u have any ideas that might help email me at or thank u
bombmaker x13x

6/19/2005 10:49:10
ten up this is how to make napalm is mix frozen orange juice concentrate in a metal bowl whith gasoline mix every 10-20 min for 3 hours and then you have yourself some naplalm u can also put this in a glass bottle and spray an airisol a rage stick the rag in the bottle and u then have ac ocktail bomb light that bitch and trow it cause it will explode and burn for  a long time
chevy pyro

6/19/2005 11:44:46
kid one of my friends did that s__t, that s__t burns like crazy
Pyro pro

6/19/2005 12:29:11
Dudes im a real pyro. i light s__t on fire all summer long. so i ahve lots of s__t to share.

1.) for this one u will need a school box, gasoline or some other flamible liquid, duct tape, and about two small firework things. first, open the school box and fill the deep half with the gas, second, tape the two small firework things to the other side. third, light the two small firework things and close the lid reall fast and then run like shit!!! if you can find a better way to close it then do. the last step is to step back and watch the explosion.

2.) for this one you will need a bottle rocket and a lacrosse stick. this one is easy. take the top off of the lacrosse sick so only the shaft remains. then insert the bottle rocket. after that mount the shaft on your shoulder and light the rocket. now you have your own rocket launcher. just be careful that it does not fall off the end.

3.)for this one you will need an empty water bottle, gas or some other flamible liquid, and some fire. fill the bottle up with gas. place it on the ground with the top pointing to the fire. then jump on the bottle and the gas sprays out into the fire and makes a huge ass flame wave.

Hope you got some good ideas and you burn some shit down. and remember be careful. psych!

6/19/2005 12:33:40
pyro pro your @#$%^ing great!!! i can actually make this shit from da stuff in my house!!!
pyro pro

6/19/2005 12:36:14
dudes!!! da s__t i suggested earlier was homemade!!!!!! read it all y'all people looking for homemade s__t!!!!!!
pyro pro

6/19/2005 12:50:29
hey if your just looking 4 sum fun tie a bottler rocket to a string snd then tie the other half to a stack. plant the stack into the groung and light the bottle rocket. see what happens.

dave the pyro

6/29/2005 4:40:05
Whistling Pete Bombs-
1. Take a Whistling Pete (Piccolo Pete) and crush the middle w/ a hammer.
2. Take a 20 oz. pop bottle and make a hole in the cap( just big enough to have a fuse fit through it) also remove the red stand on the bottom so in fits in the bottle.
3. Take the crushed Whistling Pete and put the fuse through the whole in the cap and screw the cap on tight, leaving the fuse sticking through.

This only costs about 25 cents a bomb and you can get the Whistling Petes at almost anywhere that sells fireworks.

Also if you want to make a pipe bomb out of it add whatever you want to it

4/17/2009 2:23:36
how do you make good end plugs

[Posted from : United States]
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