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You can advertise your businesses website on World Discussion Forums for US$0.01(1 cent) per 4 impressions(i.e. for every dollar you pay your banner will be displayed 400 times on the forum pages, including the homepage).  Your banner will be displayed on the top-right corner of 5000+ different webpages on our site, all of which link back to your website, which should assist its ranking in the search engines.

If you have simply signed up as a reseller for another online businesses service or product, you are welcome to use this advertising service to help you get the sign-ups you need.

Approximately ten thousand adverts will be displayed for you per day on the forum pages.  Only one of your banners will be shown on each forum page, to maximise your coverage.  The banner will be displayed on the most prominent and effective advertising position on a webpage; the upper right corner.  The business or website you will be advertising should be suitable for international visitors, as the forum visitors come from all over the world.  For obvious reasons, this type of advertising campaign is best for building brand-awareness, but also works well in getting visitors to your website.  We recommend showing your logo prominently on the banner you send us. If you would prefer targeted advertising rather than blanket site-wide advertising click here. There, you will instead be able to choose which forum you would like to advertise in, so you can attract visitors that are interested in the same product/service that your business supplies. It is more expensive than site-wide advertising of course, but is more suitable for some businesses, especially those that are not interested in building brand-awareness.

If site-wide advertising suits you, simply complete the following steps to begin your online advertising campaign on  If we don't have a current advertiser, and we receive your order during business hours, your advertising campaign could begin today.

Step 1.  Create your banner
Your banner must be a maximum of 468 pixels wide and 90 pixels high.  The banner may be a little smaller than this if you prefer.  Free trial software such as 'Easy GIF Animator' can be sourced on the web and used to create your banner.  Simple banners can even be created in the basic image software on your PC, such as 'Paint' on Windows PC's.

It's file size must be no greater than 60kb. We prefer you to not use transparent backgrounds in your banner.  The banner can be in either GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg) or bitmap(.bmp) or PNG(.png) format.  The banner cannot have adult content, and cannot link to adult content.  If your advert offers a free product or service, it must be truly free, without prior obligation.  Deceptive or offensive content will not be accepted, as it reflects upon the content our users post to our website.

Step 2.  Decide on the size of your advertising campaign
          One Unit     =   200 000 (two hundred thousand)  banner impressions     $500
                              [ note : You can order from 1 up to 10 units with each order ]

Step 3.  Email us the banner(as an attachment) along with the following details
 -  your business name(if applicable), your full name, address, and email address.
 -  the number of units of advertising you require (as shown in Step 2)
 -  the web address you want your banner to link to when clicked (i.e.
 -  attach your banner to the email (remember, 60kb or smaller in file size and in GIF, JPEG,PNG or BMP format).

Our email address for receiving applications is

Step 4.  Making Payment
We will then check your banner for suitability, physical size, file size, etc.  If approved, we will reply to your email, giving you payment instructions.  You can view our payment methods at .  Once payment is received your banner will be ready for display on the website.  There may be some wait before your banners appear, i.e. if another advertiser is using the banner space, but usually your banner will begin to show within 24 hours of receiving payment.  Adverts are shown on a 'first come, first served' basis.  This may change some time in the future, to  instead alternate between advertisers banners.

More Information

For a limited time all banner advertisers with World Forums will also have their banner displayed in all outgoing automated emails at no extra cost. These emails are send out automatically by the system when a forum user requests to be informed of new replies to a topic of interest to them. Your banner will be displayed at the bottom of all of these emails sent every day. This is done at no extra cost to advertisers, and email banner impressions do not reduce their number of paid banner impressions. So, it is completely free and does not reduce the number of banner impressions paid to be shown on's webpages. It is simply an added incentive for advertisers to continue using's direct advertising service.

You will be given a web address ( ) that will show your basic banner stats in real time so you can check the progress of your ad campaign at any time.

Please note, only number of impressions are recorded by our website, not numbers of clicks, so you may want to track the actual number of clicks on your banner by checking your own visitor logs or by using a counter on your webpage that the banner links to.

Good luck building upon your online presence!

Scott Whitehead
Monsoon Computing
Administrator of World Discussion Forums
Email :

If you prefer targeted advertising, click here.